Thursday, September 27, 2007

College Football Picks of the Week

West Virvinina vs. South Florida-I’ll go a little crazy to start ‘er off and take WVU. They are hot and USF seems a little flavor of the month right now; they are too much like Boise St. right now. So if you’re smart take WVU with the spread of -7.

Michigan vs. Northwestern- Hey if a team that does not run the score up like Ohio State puts up 58 on you, even Michigan has a shot then right? Too close to tell…

Notre Dame vs. Purdue- This is a double edged sword. If ND wins all we’ll hear about is that they finally won, but if they lose, all we’ll hear about is “Oh my God, 0-5?” I don’t know which one I’ll be able to stomach. Can we just eliminate Notre Dame and Charlie Weis from sports conversation? And that means YOU Mitch Albom. Purdue won’t cover the 21.5 point spread, but they’ll win.

Kent State vs. Ohio- I figured I’d add in one of the local games here, just for fun. Coming of a painful defeat at the hands of the A.K. Ron (Akron), look for the Golden Flashes to bounce back. I’m taking them at +2.5, sorry OU.

Maryland vs. Rutgers- Honestely, I thought Maryland would beat Wake, but hey whatever. Look for Rutgers to run away with this one. Or should I say look for Ray Rice to run away with this one. I’ll take Rutgers by two scores.

Cal vs. Oregon- Look for a good amount of points scored this weekend. Oregon has scored 194 and given up 66 this season. Cal has scored 166 to their opponent’s 98. I’m going Oregon at -3.5 based on that scoring ratio.

Michigan State vs. Wisconsin- Look for Michigan State to play them tough, but it’ll be too little, too late for Sparty. Wisconsin will take this one to the bank at -7.5 and will be the only team to challenge OSU for the Big 10 title.

Alabama vs. Florida State- So I turned on the Bama game this past weekend and they lost to Georgia on an OT TD, but all the Bama fans seemed like their entire season slipped away from their fingers. Hey Tide, you’re not that good. Just because you over paid Nick Saban doesn’t gurantee you a spot in the BCS National Championship game, but playing FSU is a good way to bounce back from that hard to take loss. Take Bama at +2.5.

North Texas vs. Arkansas- Should be an easy W for Arkansas. I’m only putting this one in there because of Spence being a Green Wave (?) for a couple of years. Good luck UNT, you’ll need it… Arkansas will win by 30+.

Ohio State vs. Minnesota- Minnesota is worse than Northwestern, seriously. I’m looking for the Buckeyes to put up at least 48 this weekend, probably holding Minnesota to a shutout. Get after ‘em Bucks, take them at -21.5, it’s a lock.

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