Friday, June 6, 2008

A Message from the MDP

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the brother of the namesake of this site: William "The Refrigerator" Perry. He has recently been hospitalized with what is being called a "frightening health issue".

"The Bears' first-round draft pick out of Clemson in 1985 said he suffered the effects of Guillain Barre Syndrome, which is an inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. The symptoms include general weakness of the legs, arms, breathing muscles and face."

Perry is now 45 years young and still every bit the Fridge he was in the past. We would like to wish him a very safe and healthy road to recovery. I guess this means no more celebrity boxing match ups vs. Manute Bol.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doug Collins Leaves TNT for the Chicago Bulls

Well, that whole luck thing in getting the first pick of the upcoming June draft is now gone in Chicago. Reports are they they just hired Doug Collins as their next head coach. Collins has been off of the sidelines since the end of the 2003 season. This is exactly what the Bulls need, an out of touch coach. Way to go John Paxon. Well here comes a terrible draft pick. My guess: Othello Hunter, PF, Ohio State. On behalf of the NBA's Central Division, I think you John Paxon. Oh and we all know that Doug isn't doing a victory dance in that photo...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Quick Post...


The Cavs win Game 5 and play the way they have in Cleveland...

I'll offer a full apology and retraction to Mike Brown.

That is all.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thoughts on Game 2

Please do not take this the wrong way. I want say job well done by the Celtics for their game 2 victory. They did what they were supposed to. They played a good game. I just wasn't impressed. I know everyone is going to write how Boston played stellar defense and all that good jazz, but I just didn't see it. I mean they just were quick on their defensive rotations and capitalized on the opposing team's mistakes. By no means am I trying to take anything away from the overall performance of the Boston Celtics, so if you are preparing to call me a homer or whatever else you want, relax.

The turnovers I saw didn't appear to be a result of the defensive rotations. For example, there was a lose ball and a scrum for the ball ensued. Lebron came away with the ball and threw the ball behind his head to the old lady sitting in the first row. Sure that is just one example, but overall thats what seemed to happen the majority of the time. I just saw the Cavs forcing the action and not, as Spencer has already hit on, running an offense. Driving baseline is a very effective move, but when you have an extra defender in the baseline and are cut off from the hoop, trying to make an acrobatic pass through traffic to someone who isn't there isn't going to work out the majority of the time. Again, this is just an example of normal defense. Sure the defender didn't get beat, but he didn't force a turnover.

Boston's closeouts didn't seem to necessarily force a bad shot or alter any shots. The shots taken by Cleveland seemed to just flat out miss. There were instances when their closeouts caused such results, but that happens when you don't even try on the defensive end. It just happens at various instances in any game.

How can a guy start off 6-6 from the field in the first quarter and then disappear in the second quarter? Big Z has proven that he is a match up nightmare for the Celtics and it just seemed like Cleveland stopped going to him. You saw that after Z made a couple of 15-18 foot jumpers, Boston eased up on Lebron and he got a few layups as a result. That seems like a strategy that could have continued and allowed the Cavs some better looks at the basket. I just think that you should stick with what works until it no longer works. And once again, no offense to Boston, but they didn't really stop that action from happening. The Cavs did. This is just my opinion, but the way I see it, the Cavs did more to lose the game than the Celtics did to win the game.

Either way you look at it, it's a must win game 3 for the Cavs. If they end up getting swept by Boston, who right now is the better team, then I think that Mike Brown deserves to be relieved of his duties as Head Coach. Two good coaches (see D'Antoni, Mike and Johnson, Avery) lost their jobs for doing much more than Mike has. I say this as a supporter of Mike Brown. I like what he does as a coach on the defensive end, but he's proven his incompetence for the overall game of basketball on the offensive end. I think that if he had a more proven assistant who controls the entire offensive side of the ball, think of it like an Offensive Coordinator, on the staff the team would blossom. There is just too much confusion as to the overall method of his madness. Either way, its time to collectively pull your heads out of your asses Cavs.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fuck You Mike Brown

Yes, I blame Mike Brown for all of this. Yes, Buzz, this is a fucking hate filled piece, and you know what, if you want, leave a message here, I'll give you my phone number and we can talk it out. I don't give a shit. I fucking can't stand it anymore...what the hell are the Cavs doing out there? Seriously, do they have any idea what the hell is going on?

This goes beyond the players not playing well. I realize they're missing open shots and can't do shit because nobody wants to shoot, but this whole series' bullshit falls squarely on the coach's shoulders. It's not that the Cavs are just getting beat, it's how inept they look against a MEDIOCRE defense. They should be ripping this team apart right now, not running around like a bunch of idiots.

They don't run any god damned plays. Not fucking one. The whole piece of shit offense revolves around LeBron driving and kicking and shooting. That or that STUPID ISOLATION PLAY HE'S BEEN FUCKING RUNNING FOR THE LAST 3 GOD DAMNED YEARS. Teams know this is coming, Mike, you should've realized this by now.

This is more important than a single playoff series with Boston, stop being delusional, we, YES WE, as in Cavs fans, are on borrowed time. LeBron will leave unless he has a winning team around him. Don't argue, because you're just being an idiot if you honestly, truly 100% think that Cleveland has a snowball's chance in hell of keeping him around if we still have this shit going on.

And I don't blame the players. ON PAPER we have a fantastic team that can match up physically with anyone. That is, if we had a coach who had one iota of what he was doing with rotations. Why hasn't Devin Brown played yet this series? You give him heavy minutes during the regular season, and against Washington, and now, he just doesn't fit? COME ON. Damon Jones was having a halfway decent season, why haven't we seen him out there at all? Yet Wally, who can't hit shit; Sasha, who's coming off an injury; and Ben Wallace, who's a fossil; all get time, yet guys who were producing rot on the bench?


This is ALL about the coach. Tonight, these assholes weren't ready to play at all, and here we are, beginning of the 4th and I'm watching the Players because it's over. They didn't have a single idea of what they were doing out there. Boston isn't a great defensive team, they're just active. They can be beaten, only if you would run plays that weren't so brazenly predictable, THEY SEE IT COMING A MILE AWAY, MIKE!!!

If this is how we go out this series, this team has some serious decisions to make in the offseason. And I do expect the Cavs to win both of them at home and head back to Boston with the series tied up at 2. But, at this point, the Cavs are winning IN SPITE of Mike Brown, he's not helping a single bit.

LeBron...I feel bad for you having to go out there like that. You don't stand a chance.

And I hate talking like this because it pisses me off. But it's hard not to think like this when you see an asswhooping like we received tonight. I don't like being overly critical, but I'm just upset because we have a chance to get back to the Finals, we have the best player in the league with guys who can make 3's and we're just not putting them into positions where they can succeed. We can win this, still, but we're just in a huge hole right now. God damnit.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cavs Game 1 Live Blog

Quarter 1:

-This is definitely the worst broadcast that I've ever seen for a professional sport on any network.It feels like I'm riding in Spencer's car on a given Saturday night: Smoky. On top of that it's the worst played game that I've seen played in a long ass time.

-Two quick fouls for PP. He better be careful some guy in Cleveland (Spencer) doesn't try and stab him in an elevator.

-Boston is making the Cavs terrible start look not as bad, or is it just Wally?

-How many times are we going to see a commerical for the movie "What Happens in Vegas"? You know it's going to be at least 1 per commercial break. I just hope TNT minimizes those stupid in game trailers they run for movies that incorporate the NBA Playoffs.

-I hope Charles Barkley says the words "trbl" at halftime.

-Gibson finally hits a jump shot for the Cavs with about a minute left in the first quarter. Great start.

-I hate Boston, not as much as I hate San Antionio , but i still hate Boston. Wait, let me restate that. I hate the fans of Boston sports. I think their sports teams are pretty decent. I mean I don't really like any teams who aren't from Cleveland, but I can say I don't dislike them. The fans just are one and the same. Cry babies. I hate the Spurs. I have no real reason for such feelings. I just don't like them.

-Posey nailed a fade away three as time expires or so. It was a crazy shot. He just threw it up falling away and it was a pure tickle party baby. Posey sucks too. Do you think he's got the potiental to become the next Robert Horry? He got a ring on that fluke Miami team in the series known as the one the Mavs choked away. Not the one that Miami won... If Boston can turn themselves into a team with regular success, then maybe.

Cavs 15
Celtics 25

Quarter 2:

-The Cavs are still ice cold. Mike Brown was just interviewed by Reggie Miller's brother and he said he thought Wally took some good jump shots. Yea, I'd have to agree with him if those shots were not taken with 20 seconds left on the shot clock.

-Random Cavs fact: Mike Brown has 13 different pairs of the same glasses. All in different colors. Each color to match his suits. Now I can say you learned something today.

-Sam Cassell is still alive? Apparently, because he just threw a tickle party at the top of the arch.

-Hey Sasha had a nice slash to the basket. That could help spark some offense.

-Delonte looks shaken up. Someone on the C's just tried to cheat, go figure... He tried to knock the ball back through the tin. Then a questionable call on a Boobie steal. Then a terrible makeup call on a travel called on the big Lithuanian.

-...And another D Wade and Charles Barkley commercial. I bet T Mobile is ecstatic about D Wade being on the worst team in the leauge. That's money well spend.

-The Cavs are shooting 27% as Z is called for steps again.

-This is seriously one of the worst games that I've ever seen. And remember that I used to run a site for CYO basketball. I've seen some pretty awful 4th grade girls games. This one is up there with the best of 'em.

-Update: Sam Cassell is stil alive. He was just called for an old person foul.

-I don't understand why PJ Brown is playing. Don't they have someone they feel a little bit more confident about his abilities, like Big Baby.

-Blocking foul ont eh C's and the fans boo. Hey wakeup it a legit foul. He needs to be set. And PJ initiated the contact. Chill folks.

-Update: Sam Cassell is still alive and without his ace bandage to wrap around his abdomen.

-Another "What Happens in Vegas" add.

-Flagrant 1 foul on Sam Cassell. Eh, whatever.

-Ben Wallace cannot do shit vs Garnett.

-Big bucket by Wally. Only because its his first of the game after taking 15 shots.

-Joe Smith is playing well overall.

-Wally hits another. Wow. 2 point deficit and the worst coach in the NBA calls a TO.

-PP finally scored, but Wally's still got the green light. Ever hear of the holster? Me either.

-If the C's continue to get the fast break opportunities the Cavs are through. A good fast break is basically indefensible for any team. If you run a good fast break offense and play good team D, you're going to be a pretty tough team to beat.

-You know for having the best record in the leauge, the C's aren't impressing me at all. They have the Cavs shooting like 29% and they are only up 5 with 2 min left in the 2nd quarter. And on top of that, Lebron has one field goal.

-Wally just took it to the chops of either KG or Perking someone else on the C's. I couldn't make out who it was because the broadcast is so foggy.

-I don't understand why Chris Webber is a commentator for TNT. If the general public needs any advise on calling time outs, when the game is on the line, and you know NOT HAVING ANY. Then this move will pay off immensely.

-As a big man I would love poor foul shooters. You basically know that if this guy get to the line then I'm padding my stats with an easy board. I don't mean anything against Ben Wallace, but he did just grab a board off a missed free throw.

-Ben Wallace hit a nice fall away jumper. I repeat: Ben Wallace just hit a nice fall away jumper. I'm still not convinced it just happened, but none the less I'll take the 2 points. Maybe he got the message.

-I think Mike Fratello is awesome. I think he needs to be the next coach of the Pheonix Suns. Just because.

-LBJ had a great pass to Z for a nice strong finish.

-Bad foul from LBJ. Rondo to thie line with 00.2 left on the clock. Fucking zebra's. Always tryin to rain on a parade.

-Halftime. Reggie Miller's brother would crush Rajon Rondo. Rondo sounds like a 7th grade boy. He looks like one too. Not trying to be a dick there. He just looks young.

Cavs 37
Celtics 41

Quarter 3:

-I need to get Mike Fratello's rug guy. That thing looks real. That dude deserves an award.

-The C's are off to a hot start. The Cavs aren't

-I want to see some good basketball soon. I'm almost at the point where I don't care which team accomplishes this. Just so someone does it sometime.

-Lebron is 1-7 and the Cavs are down 3.

-Make down 1. After a sting of turn overs by both teams Delonte pick Ray Ray's pocket on a drive and went coast to coast.

-Lebron is still off.

-Z is actually playing well for the Cavs and is at the line to try to take the lead.

-Z hits both and the Cavs have their first lead in a long time.

-Doc Rivers should take a 20, but he won't because he isn't a good coach.

-Z hits an 18 footer and Doc finally calls that TO. They are now down 3 after being up by as much as 12 to a team that is shooting below 30% from the field. That's not very flattering for the team with the best record in the league.

-Another "What Happens in Vegas" commercial. I'm sure Ashton Kutcher is a big NBA fan. Doesn't he look like Kyle Korver? I wonder if Kutcher has as slick of a jumper.

-KG is having a great game so far. 20 points and 6 boards.

-Educational stat of the day: Lebron James has more playoff victories in his career than the careers of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett individually.

-The C's are killing themselves and really helping the Cavs out a ton. Thanks. I'll send you a fruit basket or something.

-1-10 from LBJ won't get it done.

-Wally hit a BIG 3 to add to the lead. This is just playing into the hands of the brilliant Mike Brown. I don't know how the guy does it, but he does it.

-Kendrick is doing a great impersonation of Bobby Knight's game face speech, by giving his best one.

-That was LBJ's 8th Goddamn turnover. As PP finally scored again. 4 points for PP and the 7th of the quarter for the C's.

-TO Cavs

-Hey speaking of cheaters, the Indians are beating the Yankees 5-3 in the home half of the 8th. Make that the top of the 9th

-24 second violation on the Cavs. Wally looked like he had about 38 seconds left onthe shot clock for a second there.

-PP flopped, but it was called a charge. Everytime there is contact with LBJ you could argue its a charge. He's just too powerful. For a charge to be called the defensive player needs to be set. If your body is still moving (ie PP's tubby belly flopping) while contact is made, it's a foul on the defender. Lebron to the bench with 4 fouls.

-Andy took an offensive foul and thats 3 on PP. PP was out of control and lost possession of the ball before he went into the air.

-Kendrick Perkins had made a couple of buckets so here and the C's tied it up at 52.

-More slop. Gross. Take care of the ball.

-Sam Cassell is running in slow motion. I didn't think that was possible. Even Wilson doesn't do that. He does waddle though.

-Where has Devin Brown been this game? I don't see him as a match up liability in this series. Why has he seen 0 time.

-End of 3

Cavs 52
Celtics 53

Quarter 4:

-Seriously, is this a 9th grade AAU game? 52-53 after 3? In the NBA? Weaksauce.

-What? Yea, that's right. I said it KG. Wanna fight about it? Well stick your head up my ass and fight for air.

-Another great start to the quarter. 11:12 left and no one has scored yet.

-Big answer from Sasha to a 3 from Posey.

-They are calling it a little ticky tack for PP now that Lebron is out. That was pretty decent D from Sasha.

-Z is having a great game so far. Feel the big horse Mike. FEED HIM.

-Nice steal form Sasha, full court to the hole, and 1. Pretty. Sasha has the necessary tools to become a great role player and a sold NBA performer as he completes the and 1.

-KG still has it workin.

-Cassell is getting me back for calling him old. He just went deep for skittles again.

-I got to see the C's play at the Q earlier this year. It was the game the Cavs won with PP puking on the sidelines. I think he was scared of getting stabbed again... cough could Spencer cough cough.

-Jesus. The Cavs are making so many JV mistakes. Offensive boards into turnovers.

-That was a major ticky tack foul on Z for a reach in and pouring salt on an open wound is Sam Cassell's old ass. Another jumper.

-Wally nails another 3. Wow. Signs of life. Lebron is still 1-10 or 1-11.

-That Wendy's Chicken Go Wraps shit looks way too big in the commercial. I bet they are tiny in actuality. Just some "creative" advertising by some real "creative" people.

-Another commercial for "What Happens in Vegas". But still no in game trailer, so I guess it could be worse. That's like getting excited to only pay $3.45/gallon for gas. Because that was me this morning. $50 for a little more than half a tank of gas. Sweet. I don't care who does it, but someone fix it.

-The Cavs are really fighting out there to keep this game close and to try to pull it out.

-24 second violation on the C's.

-PP's back in. Get scurrrrred bitches.

-10 turnovers for LBJ. Not to change the subject, but how does KG get more MVP votes than Lebron James? All biases aside, that is just wrong.

-Tell me if this is not the worst car commercial ever. Is he selling cars or sex with kids?

-Garnett just traveled by falling over his own feet, but it wasn't called. Come on stripes. Nice pancake action tho from Z.


-After that replay, it looked like it went of Perkin's goofy hands, but with 1 second left on the shot clock and its Beantown ball I won't complain.

-24 second shot clock violation on Boston.

-Big shot from Z to put the Cavs up 2. 1:30 left in the game. Boo Ya.

-Garnett witht eh answer.

-Cassell is feisty for a senior citizen. He's going for Z just because he was knocked in the head. Pussy. He's hit the 2 free throws for the foul.

-Big follow from Z. He is really playing his ass off today. Z is the man.

-KG has a great taken vs Joe Smith to go up 2 with 21.4 left in the game. Cavs ball. Let's see what happens here. My guess: Cavs stall and then use their last time out with 9 seconds left to see what Boston comes out in and then draw up a quick hitter to tie the game and force OT.

-Lebron misses the layup and Posey gets the rebound and gets fouled. He's on the line for 2 to go up 4 with 8.5 seconds left. He made the first. He made the second.

-Well Mike Brown and I don't subscribe to the same school of thought with the final seconds of the game. I still would have at least tried to post up Z. Its not like he has been hot or anything.

-C's win a bad one.

Cavs 72
Celtics 76

Monday, April 28, 2008

Attitude Reflects Leadership

If anyone is from Cleveland and listens to sports talk radio, then you know Mark "Munch" Bishop. I was listening to his broadcast on ESPN Cleveland 850 AM this afternoon on my way home from work, and he made an amazing point about the way the Wizards are playing. Eddie Jordan has set the standard for how hard a hard foul is in the 2008 playoffs. I don't disagree with the idea of making it hard for LeBron to get to the rim and making him earn it at the foul line in the process. But enough is enough already. You are just playing into the hand of LeBron James. He wants you to boo him and chant "Over-rated" when he touches the ball. That way when he succeeds, and you know he will it's just one of those things that you know will happen, he looks like an even bigger hero. You are giving him a reason pull out the improbable to defeat your team.

Don't get me wrong, I have a legitimate man-crush on LeBron and the way he plays basketball. You can't legitimately say anything bad about his game, and the scary part is that he's only 23 years old. If he's gotten this good this quickly, who good is he going to get? God I hope he stays in town... We'll save that for another day.

I'm not advocating a defense making it easier for LeBronto get comfortable by playing timid here. I think its the smart thing to do for any team against the Cavs. Do what you can to keep LeBron out of the lane, when he gets into the lane be physical with him and make him earn it form the line, and make him leave it to his teammates to beat you. I just think Eddie Jordan is just getting a little frustrated. Think about it for a second. The first year the Cavs and Wiz played: LeBron told arguably your best player and unarguably your biggest asset in the series, that when you miss these crucial free throws that would seal a victory and a force a game 7, that he is going to beat you. He told you to pull out your man card and check it at the door, Gil. Honorable mention to that kickin' beard Z had that year. Then the next year all of your best players are hurt in some way and you get swept. Finally, you get your shot at redemption for the previous two years and your team is as healthy it's been in years. Looks like a good situation for you. But no. Eddie Jordan needs to do a better job controlling his team. The sad thing is that if the Wizards would just play basketball and not worry about all that other stuff, you'd probably have a better shot at advancing.

You probably were right on when you said "they are a .500 club since the trade". But you had to go running your mouth and trying to make sure everyone saw you do it, you got distracted and choked. For that you'll never have the privilege of going into a playoff series with your team knowing the fact that no matter what they throw at you, you are going to win. Just because your team has that one player that you know is going to get it done, no matter what.

And for that I hope Boston chokes, after just losing to Atlanta in game 4, to even the series at 2. Because they think they have 3 guys that fit that role and that means they are more deserving. What's that sound I hear? Oh yea its the sound of another KG team fizzling away for not being able to play a 90 game season at the level of intensity that KG requires his teammates to play at. Kinda weird how that always seems to happen.