Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fuck You Mike Brown

Yes, I blame Mike Brown for all of this. Yes, Buzz, this is a fucking hate filled piece, and you know what, if you want, leave a message here, I'll give you my phone number and we can talk it out. I don't give a shit. I fucking can't stand it anymore...what the hell are the Cavs doing out there? Seriously, do they have any idea what the hell is going on?

This goes beyond the players not playing well. I realize they're missing open shots and can't do shit because nobody wants to shoot, but this whole series' bullshit falls squarely on the coach's shoulders. It's not that the Cavs are just getting beat, it's how inept they look against a MEDIOCRE defense. They should be ripping this team apart right now, not running around like a bunch of idiots.

They don't run any god damned plays. Not fucking one. The whole piece of shit offense revolves around LeBron driving and kicking and shooting. That or that STUPID ISOLATION PLAY HE'S BEEN FUCKING RUNNING FOR THE LAST 3 GOD DAMNED YEARS. Teams know this is coming, Mike, you should've realized this by now.

This is more important than a single playoff series with Boston, stop being delusional, we, YES WE, as in Cavs fans, are on borrowed time. LeBron will leave unless he has a winning team around him. Don't argue, because you're just being an idiot if you honestly, truly 100% think that Cleveland has a snowball's chance in hell of keeping him around if we still have this shit going on.

And I don't blame the players. ON PAPER we have a fantastic team that can match up physically with anyone. That is, if we had a coach who had one iota of what he was doing with rotations. Why hasn't Devin Brown played yet this series? You give him heavy minutes during the regular season, and against Washington, and now, he just doesn't fit? COME ON. Damon Jones was having a halfway decent season, why haven't we seen him out there at all? Yet Wally, who can't hit shit; Sasha, who's coming off an injury; and Ben Wallace, who's a fossil; all get time, yet guys who were producing rot on the bench?


This is ALL about the coach. Tonight, these assholes weren't ready to play at all, and here we are, beginning of the 4th and I'm watching the Players because it's over. They didn't have a single idea of what they were doing out there. Boston isn't a great defensive team, they're just active. They can be beaten, only if you would run plays that weren't so brazenly predictable, THEY SEE IT COMING A MILE AWAY, MIKE!!!

If this is how we go out this series, this team has some serious decisions to make in the offseason. And I do expect the Cavs to win both of them at home and head back to Boston with the series tied up at 2. But, at this point, the Cavs are winning IN SPITE of Mike Brown, he's not helping a single bit.

LeBron...I feel bad for you having to go out there like that. You don't stand a chance.

And I hate talking like this because it pisses me off. But it's hard not to think like this when you see an asswhooping like we received tonight. I don't like being overly critical, but I'm just upset because we have a chance to get back to the Finals, we have the best player in the league with guys who can make 3's and we're just not putting them into positions where they can succeed. We can win this, still, but we're just in a huge hole right now. God damnit.

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Get off the Schneid said...

that pretty much sums everything up. I just hope that if they do end up losing this series, do it quickly so that the Cavs can fire Mike Brown right away and still have a chance at snagging up one of the good OFFENSIVE coaches that are currently available.

Here's an idea...when Z starts off the next game 5-5 again, make sure you don't pass him the ball any more and just start throwing up 3's and having Andy drive to hole to throw up air ball layups.

Their offense last night was unwatchable. At least MB looked good with his matching glasses and fancy suit. d-bag.