Friday, May 9, 2008

Thoughts on Game 2

Please do not take this the wrong way. I want say job well done by the Celtics for their game 2 victory. They did what they were supposed to. They played a good game. I just wasn't impressed. I know everyone is going to write how Boston played stellar defense and all that good jazz, but I just didn't see it. I mean they just were quick on their defensive rotations and capitalized on the opposing team's mistakes. By no means am I trying to take anything away from the overall performance of the Boston Celtics, so if you are preparing to call me a homer or whatever else you want, relax.

The turnovers I saw didn't appear to be a result of the defensive rotations. For example, there was a lose ball and a scrum for the ball ensued. Lebron came away with the ball and threw the ball behind his head to the old lady sitting in the first row. Sure that is just one example, but overall thats what seemed to happen the majority of the time. I just saw the Cavs forcing the action and not, as Spencer has already hit on, running an offense. Driving baseline is a very effective move, but when you have an extra defender in the baseline and are cut off from the hoop, trying to make an acrobatic pass through traffic to someone who isn't there isn't going to work out the majority of the time. Again, this is just an example of normal defense. Sure the defender didn't get beat, but he didn't force a turnover.

Boston's closeouts didn't seem to necessarily force a bad shot or alter any shots. The shots taken by Cleveland seemed to just flat out miss. There were instances when their closeouts caused such results, but that happens when you don't even try on the defensive end. It just happens at various instances in any game.

How can a guy start off 6-6 from the field in the first quarter and then disappear in the second quarter? Big Z has proven that he is a match up nightmare for the Celtics and it just seemed like Cleveland stopped going to him. You saw that after Z made a couple of 15-18 foot jumpers, Boston eased up on Lebron and he got a few layups as a result. That seems like a strategy that could have continued and allowed the Cavs some better looks at the basket. I just think that you should stick with what works until it no longer works. And once again, no offense to Boston, but they didn't really stop that action from happening. The Cavs did. This is just my opinion, but the way I see it, the Cavs did more to lose the game than the Celtics did to win the game.

Either way you look at it, it's a must win game 3 for the Cavs. If they end up getting swept by Boston, who right now is the better team, then I think that Mike Brown deserves to be relieved of his duties as Head Coach. Two good coaches (see D'Antoni, Mike and Johnson, Avery) lost their jobs for doing much more than Mike has. I say this as a supporter of Mike Brown. I like what he does as a coach on the defensive end, but he's proven his incompetence for the overall game of basketball on the offensive end. I think that if he had a more proven assistant who controls the entire offensive side of the ball, think of it like an Offensive Coordinator, on the staff the team would blossom. There is just too much confusion as to the overall method of his madness. Either way, its time to collectively pull your heads out of your asses Cavs.

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