Friday, October 26, 2007

Re-doing the 2007 NFL Draft

We're now almost halfway through the season, a good time to see how the first-rounders are doing from this April's draft. I must admit, as a Browns fan, the draft is something everyone here looks forward to, a glimmer of hope, a ray of light...I love the draft and it provides endless debate and speculation, meaning that you can talk to almost anyone. Granted, I do sound like an obsessed fool, but who cares. Lez roll...

1. Oakland: Any doubt here? Absolutely. There are a lot of needs on this team...any of the top 10 picks would have helped immensely. Since this is my draft, I'm taking Adrian Peterson first. Yea they have a semi-decent stable of running backs, but this is like asking yourself, "who would I rather have: Lamont Jordan and Justin Fargas or Ladanian Tomlinson?"

2. Detroit: I'm kind of bearish on Calvin Johnson. It's not that he isn't good, but this is all about this year's returns and he has been injured. Plus, other than Randy Moss, who was the last huge impact rookie at WR? Michael Clayton? Yea that worked out well. Detroit gives up sacks like Oprah gives away Pontiacs...Joe Thomas goes here.

3. Cleveland: Right in my wheelhouse. Brady Quinn would be semi-logical, but without Thomas, we're 1-5. I'm gonna make a slight reach here...Amobi Okoye. Why? He'd be the perfect 3-4 DE, which is where we need the most help, he's incredibly smart. That and he's like 20 or he's got a long future ahead of him.

4. TB: Gaines Adams has been quite solid...Gaines Adams it is.

5. Arizona: Again, smart pick, even though he's hurt...Levi Brown.

6. Washington: Another smart pick...BORING. Gotta stick with it though...LaRon Landry.

7. Minnesota: With AD off the board, the Vikings would probably go after a QB. This is always a debate when a team burns a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a QB, do you stick with the guy when you go in the tank and your pick is struggling? Do you pass over the more talented prospect? Do you invest picks around the struggling 2nd round prosepect? This can make or break a team...just ask the Browns. In this case, it's obvious Jackson sucks...Brady Quinn goes here.

8. Atlanta: With the way things have gone for the Dirty, you gotta look at their glaring holes. They do not have an NFL quality tackle on the offensive line, they're extremely bland at quarterback, they could use a punishing RB to compliment Jerrious Norwood. All that need a QB, Jamarcus Russell.

9. Miami: Ted Ginn? HAHAHAHA. Don't think so. Miami is so putrid, where are you going to go? They are desperate for youth throughout the defense, but especially so in the secondary. I'm drafting AS Miami, so I'm going to draft like they would draft in real life...Robert Meachem.

10. Houston: With Okoye gone, they look again at defensive help. While they have stud LB DeMecco Ryans, they could always use another dominant LB. However, they need a running game too, seeing as Ahman Green is aging and the line is playing poorly. Marshawn Lynch would be a smart pick here, tough runner who cuts and goes and is good for 25 carries a game.

11. SF: They need options to open up space for Frank Gore and allow Vernon Davis to work underneath. Calvin Johnson would be marvelous here even though their real pick, Patrick Willis, is playing at a ridiculous level for a rookie their offense is so anemic, they need as many playmakers as they can get.

12. Buffalo: They could definately use a running back, especially since I'd have Lynch going to Houston. However, their secondary has been ravaged by injury and they need someone to step in, someone like Darelle Revis.

13. St. Louis: Offensive line. They have nothing...NOTHING. There are a bunch of guys who could go here, Tony Ugoh, Ben Grubbs. But I think, despite his recent struggles, they'd go with Joe Staley. It's not often you find a 310 lb. man who can run a 4.7 second 40 yard dash. Building for the future with Pace available next year, you'd have 2 nice bookends on your line.

14. NYJ: The Jets suck something fierce. They have NO defense period. They need as many players as they can get in the front 7 which means I think they'd take Patrick Willis. Seriously. Just look at this dude. Do you wanna run knowing this guy is going to hit you? Fuck no. This dude grew up in the rural South, so poor because of his father's gambling and his mother's alcoholism that he raised his siblings in a shotgun shack, going to school and working at night. Yet, he's soft spoken and, by all accounts, one of the nicest people in the draft this year. Where do you think he takes out his pain and anger? Yea, have fun getting tackled by him.

15. Pittsburgh: Don't really care what they do. Timmons has sucked. I say they take...oops 15 minutes are up. Sorry. You get Justin Harrell just because he sucks and doesn't fit your system, fuck you too.

16. GB: Running back...that's the one hole this team has. Unfortunately, there isn't much available right now. The rookies have been somewhat disappointing, so we're going to have to look elsewhere. Maybe TE? Maybe another WR? I like Greg Olsen on this team, they'd do some big damage with a TE cutting the field through the middle.

17. Denver: They could use the interior line help. Staley would fit this line like an absolute glove. They've had some injuries at WR and with Henry getting suspended, they could use an RB, but that's not the place for the Broncos to draft a back. I think they'd go with Dwayne Bowe here as he'd be yet another deep weapon for Cutler and his Favre-esque arm.

18. Cincinnati: They suck real bad. They drafted Leon Hall and he's gotten torched his fair share this year. They can't get a pass rush even with an expensive end (who doesn't fit their move). I think they'd go for the rush first...Jamaal Anderson.

19. Tennessee: Aaron Ross is the pick here. Great year for secondary, almost all the DB's in the first 2 rounds have done pretty well...but Ross is exceptional. I'm going by need here. Even though I had Revis going before Ross, I think Ross is the better player. Revis fits what the Bills do, Ross fits Tennessee quite well...

20. NYG: Michael Griffin goes here, flip-flopping the past two picks.

21. Jacksonville: I still think Reggie Nelson goes here. I don't think he's really that great yet, but he fits the Jags like a glove especially since the Jags needed a safety in the worst way.

22. Cleveland: Don't think they'd be here if Quinn was gone, that's for sure. Taking a DE/DT prospect early fills a need, but if they did draft here again, it'd definately be on the O-line. Tony Ugoh replaces the Browns' real pick, Joe Thomas, quite well and the Browns would be able to stop the run perhaps a little better with Okoye.

23. KC: Love D-Bowe. He's an awesome pick, but unfortunately, in this exercise, he's gone. They need rejuvenation along the O-line, especially at guard. Ben Grubbs could step in instantly and fill that hole, maybe even play right tackle if they needed him to. QB would be another avenue seeing as Croyle doesn't seem like he's going to pan out.

24. NE: Same pick they made, Brandon Merriweather.

25. Carolina: Has to be a QB. Neither Carr or Vinny can get the job done consistently, Steve Smith might kill someone in the front office and Jake's career looks done. Trent Edwards would be a solid pick, he can get the ball to Steve Smith and not crumble. Safety would be another option.

26. Dallas: Secondary, secondary, secondary. At some point you're going to have to realize that teams look at Roy Williams as a giant target. Why wouldn't you move him up near the line? Wouldn't a FS/LB hybrid of his talent destroy the running game? He loves to hit, let the fucker hit. Eric Wright is the pick here, providing at least a little coverage.

27. NO: Won't be Meachem. Definately secondary as an area of need as well as LB. Jon Beason would be the enforcer in the middle the Saints could use.

28. SF: With Staley gone the 49ers would be smart to add another weapon for Alex Smith. Why waste a no. 1 pick (and they definately wasted one on Smith) if you're going to surround it with crap? You have an OK line and weapons at TE and RB, give the man someone else to throw to. I'd take Craig Davis a deep threat who would benefit from the attention to CJ who was their first pick in my version of the draft.

29. Baltimore: QB is a glaring need. LB is a big need as well. But there aren't many good prospects available for those positions here. Who do you take? John Beck? Lawerence Timmons? I think they'd take Anthony Spencer a hybrid DE/LB who has the athleticism to replace Adalius Thomas in coverage and pass rushing.

30. SD: With Chambers there now, I couldn't imagine them getting another WR. Honestly, there isn't many holes here, but they could always use more secondary help. I think one of their later picks, Eric Weddle, is the man here.

31. Chicago: Another QB need. Also RB. The cupboard is pretty barren at this point for both of those needs. We have no idea what Beck or Kevin Kolb can do, but you have to think that one of them would go here. My pick would be Kevin Kolb. If the Eagles would take him even though they knew it'd piss off McNabb, then he must have at least a little talent right?

32. Indianapolis: Easy pick, Anthony Gonzalez. These guys do not waste draft picks.

Looks a lot different than what really happened. For the most part, the draft worked out really well for most of the teams this year, I can only think of a few huge fuckups. Really, the big one that matters is Jamarcus, who knows what he could be, but if he flames out, it would be a massive problem for the Raiders seeing as almost every member of the top-10 has turned out to be quite awesome (with the exception of Jamaal Anderson who is slightly above average at this point).

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