Monday, October 15, 2007

Season of Destiny pt. 2: Jake Westbrook

SEASON OF DESTINY... say? Hell yes. This was a classic example of said season. I refuse to spell those words in that order, that phrase, that heavenly edict without screaming it to the skies in my manly Viking tenor. And I don't really want to keep hitting Ctrl+B then Ctrl+I then select largest size, etc. Anyways, tonight was fantastic. Well played across the board defensively save Garko's brain fart. What a performance by Jake Westbrook. The highest paid Indian, pretty sure it's true I'll verify later, who showed what great location and some serious weight to his pitches can do to even the most potent lineup. Except for that one mistake to Varitek, he was flawless and the defense showed some serious guile. Even the homerun was close to being Web-Gemmed by Grady. Great performance by Jensen Lewis, Rafael Betancourt and JoBo. Hell of a night.


Still fucking 3-3 going into the bye with a light schedule on out with a top-10 offense.
Buckeyes: Still fucking number 1 in the AP and BCS polls rockin' at 7-0.
Indians: I believe this says it all...

SEASON OF DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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