Monday, November 12, 2007

Steelers Game Thoughts...

Not gonna go into great detail here, but after thinkin' about it overnight, a few things definately stuck out...

-We could have used that extra timeout Romeo.

-After the first run, Big Ben should have had a spy on him. The defense played OK, better against the run, but I don't know if they were zone blitzing or the CB's were giving a huge cushion, but those deep comebacks were what killed the Browns. Every time the Steelers got into 3rd down situations, they could just hit Holmes or Ward on that comeback for 12. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

-The offense fell apart in the 2nd half...really you could just read a recap of last week's Browns-Seahawks game and reverse the roles. The thing that irritated me was Jamal dropping easy passes. We needed those short yards so we could stretch downfield like we did in the first half.

-The Browns O-line is for real. There were multiple times where the Steelers sent 7+ and not once did they really get to DA. Great protection, shame that the Steelers actually did a halfway decent job in coverage.

-Josh Cribbs rocks.

-At least the Steelers were gracious in their victory with respect given by Hines Ward, James Farrior and Aaron Smith in the press. Still hate 'em but at least they weren't pricks like they were after Week 1.

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Jim said...

Jamal Lewis may have dropped a bunch of small passes but most of them were thrown at his feet. Even with the Steeler defense as good as it was, I blame DA for the bad passing in the second half. Speaking of good defense how about throwing a screen or a trick play or something to break their rhythm or get some second guessing or something.