Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bulls Fire Scott Skiles

On December 24, 2007, Scott Skiles was fired as the Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls. Its apparently not the first time that a coach was fired on Christmas Eve. I don't know who else, but ESPN said so. So if their accuracy on this is anything like the injury reporting of John Clayton, this could be a first. It's not, but I don't have a list of who was. Nor do I particularly care. I think more sports organizations should do this. Stick it to them for wasting 4 years of your life. In Skiles case you can make an argument that he didn't deserve to be fired yet because he has brought the Bulls to the playoffs for the first time since the Jordan Era. Everyone hates this guy.

Everywhere Skiles goes, he ruins the bond of players and coaches in the locker room. Why do you think this team is underachieving? You can say what you want about the off court distractions like contracts and possible trades. Or you could look at the total mismanagement of the game. He can't find minutes for guys who could be legitimate players. This guy just destroys the locker room. Players can't play for this guy. He is a power crazy, control freak. Who cares if Ben Wallace wears a headband during games? It's Ben fucking Wallace.

He's got two of the same caliber player at multiple positions. Deng and Noccioni, Noah, Thomas, and Wallace. And he's just too unsure to do with Hinrich, Gordon, Duhon, and Sefolosha. All these guys have a rightful claim to minutes and aren't getting the chance. You could even throw Aaron Gray in that mix. All of their scoring comes from the outside, unless its off a rebound.

All of the success of the Bulls is based around the way Skiles played the game. Guards who can shoot the ball. What's happening this year? Those guards are broke. They can't hit a jumper to save their life, let alone the job of the coach they all don't like. That's a lot of motivation to get into the gym and work out a slump or to get an extra shooting session in after practice. That Nazi coach who won't let your "big time free agent signing" wear a headband? I'm sorry that I keep going back to that, but I just think thats so funny. What is this CYO? Chill out Scott. Good luck finding a new organization to shit on.

Breaking News: Skip Bayless has just said that the Suns vs Lakers is a bigger rivalry than Ohio State and Michigan. What is with this guy? How does he still have a job? He chose a two to three year old tiff. They just happen to find themselves in the same spot every year: only good enough to just make the playoffs no matter what happened in the regular season. This guy needs shit canned ASAP. He's just as bad as Emmitt Smith, only he can read and write.

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