Monday, December 10, 2007

Where's Lazy Eye?

What's with Stu Scott not hosting that Monday Night Football "show". You know the pre-game, halftime, and post-game bull shit. I know last week Sal Paolantonio was the host and said that Stu Scott aka Lazy Eye, was sick and that they wished him well and a quick recovery, all that garbage.

Did anyone see what they did tonight? Paolantonio is hosting again, but they didn't wish Lazy Eye his best this time. Sal turned to the Morman Steve Young, and they both said some crock about hoping that he'll be able to return to the show. Are they trying to say that Lazy Eye might be terminally ill or something? Or might have some spat with the law or the man? Wouldn't it be ironic if he actually had something wrong with his lazy eye? I mean after me calling him, you know, "Lazy Eye"

Speaking of ESPN, I have the 6:00 PM EST Sports Center I saw some Browns stuff and that reminded me that if they beat the Toronto Bills on Sunday, that pretty much will lock up a playoff spot for them. I mean that'll put them up 3 games, right? And there would only be 2 weeks left in the season (at the Bungles, vs San Fagcisco). Chumps.

UPDATE: Thanks to Hugh for the insightful comments... says about Stu "... in our view, Scott might be in danger of getting Wally Pipped."

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Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

stu scott had an emergency appendectomy last monday and is still recovering...