Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spencer's Newest Mancrush

I present to you, my newest mancrush, and one of the newest Ohio State Buckeyes, left tackle, Mike Adams. ADAMS is the crown jewel in the most recent tOSU recruiting class, as ballyhooed as Pryor and Posey and Brewster and Shugarts and Sabino...phew, out of breath...and Sweat and Stoneburner and the rest are, Adams is head and shoulders better.

I've watched this video at least 10 times in the last 2 days, that's how incredible it is. I have NEVER, not once, seen this kind of absolute dominance and luminescent polish on a HS offensive linemen, not that I've really been watching that much, but this is otherworldly. I've seen some incredible o-linemen during my limited football playing days and watch the lines pretty closely in college and NFL games, and this kid's potential is limitless, think LeBron James at St. V's or Reggie Bush, A-Rod Sidney Crosby or Tiger Woods...they're just playing a different game.

Let's start with the pass blocking, something HS linemen aren't that adept at, considering the ridiculous run-pass ratios and spread screen formations that get athletic players in space. Adams' is some hand-technique away from being NFL ready, THAT'S how good he is. He's 6'7'' 300 lbs of lean mass, not goo, and he's athletic enough to fan out and make a giant wall that no HS kid can get through. When he locks in, it's over, he's too strong and quick. His push is just disgusting, every clip showed him simply standing guys up and pushing them a yard off with his punch. But as great as his pass blocking is, it'll increase dramatically once he gets the silver bullet on his head for another year.

Run blocking...OH MY FUCKING GOD. There's a word I'm looking for...Our Honor Defend, a great Buckeye blog, described it as 'Rampage mode,' but I don't think that's acceptable. More like lightning quick, all encompassing bulldozer that leaves bodies strewn about like pine needles. That's much better. But seriously, if you watched the above video, you realize how unbelievably ridiculous this kid is. Those slip screens I talked about earlier? Yea, he has, not only the athleticism to get out on the edge, but enough to get out there and lead block AND keep up with the WR. This video is a clinic on how the position is played.

So what does Senator Tressel do? Combine Adams with a similarly vicious run blocker in JB Shugarts out of Houston AND 'come to tOSU' recruiting motherfucker, Michael Brewster, the guy responsible for banding all our amazing class together and instrumental in TP's eventual recruitment. Brewster is just as athletic as Adams, only people claim, and I find this hard to believe, he has the nastiest mean streak out of all 3 of them.

People, do you realize what Tressel has done? Adams is Orlando Pace and Jonathan Ogden combined, Shugarts (at the very least) is Alex Boone 2.0 at RT, and Brewster is most likely going to play center and resembles LeCharles Bentley with a QB's leadership qualities. These guys are going to DESTROY anyone in their path, absolutely stunning. I hope you enjoyed, because in 2009, all these guys are going to be starters and TP will be behind them throwing to Jake Stoneburner and DeVeir Posey. Oh sweet merciful buddah, I can already sense the 2009 game at the Shoe between tOSU and USC will be one for the ages.

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