Monday, April 28, 2008

What the Hell are Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Thinking?

I love the draft, always have, because you can criticize teams for no reason and speculate the living shit about every little thing. So speculate I will.

Why did Pittsburgh draft Rashard Mendenhall and Limas Sweed with their first two picks when their offensive line is so atrociously bad that they won't block anyone let alone the defensive lines of the hardest schedule in the NFL? What were they thinking? Pittsburgh's starting OL is so bad that it doesn't matter if anyone gets hurt, but if one of those scrubs goes down, they're legitimately done. What good is a RB if you're going to waste his prime years by having him get pounded (along with Willie Parker) every play?

Pittsburgh usually drafts extremely well, but I just don't understand the Mendenhall move. Sure, he's a fantastic talent, but do you put a Ferrari engine in a Kia body? And look at your current RB, Fast Willie...great first round draft pick, wait, he wasn't a first rounder? Oh that's right you found him in the free agency pile after the draft. The Steelers have a ton of talent at QB and the offensive skill positions but they're going to get destroyed behind that gate they call an offensive line.

Sweed I'm a little less down on because he'll need time to develop and won't be expected to contribute right away, but wouldn't that pick have been better served addressing your OL or equally thin, tho more talented, DL? Puzzling.

Cincinnati is less of a talent issue and more of a WTF? issue. Say you're a leaguewide joke of a team because you had over 10 arrests on your team and have had two players suspended due to the conduct policy and garnered the attention from the commish. Now, under said scenario, would the smartest move be to draft a guy who drove his car into an apartment building while HAMMERED DRUNK? Probably not. Well, unless he was wearing his own Bengals jersey, but that's not possible sans Flux Capacitor.

Well, at least the Browns drafted a few good players, Beau Bell is a legit, if undersized, LB who should join the rotation at some point this season and contribute on special teams. Paul Hubbard is an intriguing talent, he just has trouble catching (sounds like Travis Wilson) and Rucker is a dangerous TE who should be a legit threat once he gets the game around his head. I really have no idea about this Rubin kid who's an NT prospect so...yea.

I love draft weekend and I'm sad it's over.

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