Thursday, September 20, 2007

And with the 1st Pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons Select: Quarterback...

Dude, seriously, what is with Michigan? And why is it such a big deal that they suck? We’ve here have been saying it for a long time (though now it will officially be in writing) that this assembly of overachieving football misfits, called coaches, are not all that you give them credit for. I give their players credit, not their coaches. I hate Michigan. Period. But that is only because I think the way they run their football is a mockery to the thought of good competition. I cannot say that I truly hate one player in the NFL from Michigan. They usually just kind of irk me. You all know what I mean. That one guy or girl who is from somewhere else and you really just don’t get that person; therefore, you dislike them. That’s basically 90% of the world to be, but everyone’s different. Anyway, I digress. The players they have produced to the NFL are all pretty solid players, always good enough to get by at the very least (Aaron Shea, the h-back). But then they all of a sudden throw you a bone with a Tom Brady. I mean come on, if Lloyd Carr said “Goddamn this guy sucks, my bad”, you think to yourself “He must be pretty bad”… and then the guy turns out to be the guy who is probably going to win the most Super Bowl rings by an NFL QB, ever.

There’s some proof for you right there that Lloyd sucks, he benched one of the two quarterbacks that will be remembered in conjunction with the word football (Peyton, Brady) and the turn of the century. Let’s take a guy Lloyd thinks is a good quarterback. Chad f-ing Henne. This is a guy who was one of the best quarterbacks in the nation entering his senior campaign. Look at him now, and why, on a side note, is it a big deal that Mel Kiper took him off his big board? I’m sorry but I love Kiper as much as the next adoring NFL fan, but lets be honest here, why was he up there to begin with? What has he done over the course of his career that has led one to believe that he could be worthy of a professional franchise devoting their entire future on his shoulders (if that made any sense)? Let’s consider some stats…

Career Stats:

697/1169 (59.60%), 8182 yards, 11.7 yards/pass, 72 TD’s, 30 INT


Quality Opponent: 7-10

Overall: 27-12

Those are some stats from Chad Henne’s career versus two categories of opponents, a.) a ranked schools and b.) a quality opponent. Now just glancing at his stats you’re thinking, yeah not a bad college quarterback. Look at his record versus those opponents. He is 7-10 in those games. Dude sorry, but you are a typical Lloyd QB: you are good when it don’t mean shit, but when it counts you disappear. Hey, sounds like your coach, well until this year when that Appalachian State game didn’t count, or did it count? Why would any NFL team want to leverage their entire organization’s future on someone like that’s shoulders? I personally wouldn’t. Hey maybe this guy has something that I’m not seeing. Maybe its just totally the coaches and the players really do have talent. I’m not quite sure, but the record says way more to me in fewer words than you ever can about his mechanics.

And here’s another thing, what about the target’s they’ve had to throw to in the recent past. There has been during the Henne/Hart years at U of M: Braylon Edwards, Steve Breaston, Jason Avant, and Mario Manningham all as wide receivers. Now granted that Bray-lonzo is the only one having an impact in the NFL, that group as a whole are some of the better college level of wide receivers in the 2000’s. I challenge anyone to take the formula of Mike Hard at RB, the line they have had for the last four years, and the combination of targets to throw to, and then throw an unknown in there at QB, and you have at least 1 national championship. In 2004 alone, that team (with a decent quarterback) should have beaten Ohio State. This is an Ohio State team with an unproven QB in a future Heisman trophy winner with Troy Smith (yeah he won the Heisman, but at the time they almost didn’t keep him at quarterback). The only reasonable conclusion is this: Hey, its time for a change! Henne never was your answer, you are just using him as the scapegoat for your out of touch coaches. Let’s try what Mack Brown did, and just start a true freshman (Colt McCoy) just to get people talking and excited about our program, while doing nothing but using that as an excuse for your failure.

Lets take the other reason why the entire Michigan coaching staff sucks. I’m going to stick to that. I don’t hate the players, but I don’t like them either; it’s just the coaches that I hate. Fo sho. Look at their feature back, Mike Hart. That guy is a good ass college running back. He has a shot to turn into a Brian Westbrook type back, but that’s too contingent on landing in the right system. However, this kid is the right back for 99% of the college teams out there. Why not hand it off to him 75% of the time? Let this kid get net you 200 yards every game, net him a Heisman Trophy, and you the chance at the end of the year for a National Championship. Lets face it, Ohio State looks good on defense, but this could have been your year to snap the schnide, but you squandered it with an 0-2 record. Lloyd you always have a pretty decent offensive line, so why not run him all the time? I don’t seem to get it, you have as close to a sure thing as you can get, but you still throw the game away. Just take that record into consideration and consider the real problem William C. Martin (the U of M AD).

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