Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Night Football Thoughts

So I’m sitting here watching Dallas beat up on Chicago, which I was hoping would turn out to be a pretty good game, but oh well. I just can’t help to think to myself that I feel sorry for Sexy Rexy. I keep hearing chants of “Greasy, Greasy, Greasy…?” in reference to Brian Griese. Sure he’s not working out so well right now, but I mean the guy knows he sucks, his teammates know he sucks, and the fans know he sucks. I just feel sorry for the guy. That situation sucks. But how did he get to a Super Bowl? That just boggles my mind. He looks so confused at times out there, maybe he is just dumb. Then all of a sudden he does what he just did, lead like an 80 yard scoring drive with a few great passes. Its like randomly he looks great, but its kind of a matter of sifting through the bull shit just to find that good stuff that he’s got. Seriously, how did he get to a Super Bowl? (I just want to comment on how often this picture is going to find it's way onto this site)

Yet, on a total contrast to that, how great would it be to be Tony Romo right now? The guy is just out having fun. It’s really great watching him play football. It seems pretty effortless. But you have a guy from Eastern Illinois (where Sean Peyton and like 3 other NFL big time coaches attended) who the game seems to come to natural to. Its like poetry in motion watching this. Its like total opposite ends of the spectrum. At one point Romo threw to T.O. 5 times for 70 yards in one drive for a score. At another point Sexy Rexy was like 9/21 for 95 yards and 2 INT. That is basically what struck me as odd about the Sunday Night Football game, and also kudos to T.O. for getting Horse Trailer Player of the Game.

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