Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tiger Woods 2008

Dear Tiger Woods,

I love your video game, it rivals none. However, I do seem to have one problem with your video game. You have added to the 2008 version, the ability for players to take a digital photo of their face and put that photo in the game via the internet. Now, I am currently a Playstation 3 owner, and 90% of the reason why I wanted a PS3 is to take advantage of this feature alone. I wanted to see the better graphics and all the other awesome upgrades they added. This is where my problem with you begins. I CANNOT LOGIN TO YOUR GOD DAMN WEBSITE!

I've had this game since the day it came out and since then I've tried every single day to try to get into this site to create the video game AC (the one and only). Is that too much to ask Tigger? I have had a copy of your video game since 2002 and have anxiously awaited the release of the next years version, while saying to myself "how can this get any better for next year?" Well here's a fucking thought, when you add a feature to your game, set it up so that the users of that feature are ABLE TO USE THAT FEATURE.

I'm sick to fucking death of seeing this disclaimer saying that "you are experiencing technical difficulties with your website and are working diligently to get the problem fixed and the site back up and running shortly". Just don't make a certain form of "technology" available until you have completed all the testing for it. I feel like right now, I just purchased a brand new manual sports car (early edition Ford Mustang Shelby GT), but I can only drive in gears 1-3. I can't go fast, the navigation (that I had put in, Mr. Woods) that I never really needed doesn't seem to want to tell me the right direction to go, and the cup holders that are supposed to heat and cool my purple drank (that I also put in Mr. Woods), will just hold the cup, no heating, no cooling, no good. I didn't pay for the newest version of your game to just have better graphics, even though they are very good. I paid for this game to be able to put my god damn face in the game. Get it right, or don't offer the option to use it.

Sincerely yours,

The Real A.C.

PS: Basically, I run the business side of a small medical research company.

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