Thursday, September 20, 2007

Charlie Weis

Why is it that ESPN continues to shove Notre Dame down our collective throats? It's not as if they are playing good football. I thought SportsCenter was a highlight show, highlighting the best of the sports world from the previous day. I haven't seen any highlights coming out of South Bend. Amend that, there have been hundreds of highlights of the greatest kind. Hubris, namely the downfall of Charlie Weis.

Weis is a dick. Plain and simple. He thinks he's God's gift to football and acts like his shit smells like Axe bodyspray and his dingleberries can increase the value of the American dollar. This has been the case for as long as he's been there. Honestly, the man has had success at the highest levels of football and was a key ingredient in multiple Super Bowls and the development of Tom Brady. But how is it that Tom can act like a classy intelligent man with a camera in his face yet you, many years his elder, acts like such an incredible douchebag? Listen, your players are kids and they play against kids. They are at ND to get an EDUCATION (obviously because the only kids on your team are student-athletes, not athlete-students). Stop talking like you and your team are the most important thing goin right now.

Weis is not a good coach. Brady Quinn was obviously a good QB who has all the mental acumen that makes a great NFL QB. Jeff Samard...whatever i can't spell it and I'm too lifted to give a shit, was a great COLLEGE WR. They were good because they had more talent than service academies and Stanford. Granted, the cupboard wasn't bare, it's just that the overall talent level was more along the lines of UCLA or Oregon, not USC, LSU or Ohio State.

However, good coaching can overcome that, especially in such an uneven playing field like in college football. Coaching isn't just x's and o's, you have to manage personnel and vary your play-calling in a creative fashion. Look at Texas Tech, they can put points up like nobody else, yet do they have more talent than Texas A&M even? Probably not. Bottom line is that he's just not as good a coach as he would lead you to believe. How is it that Appalachian State can put up 34 points against Michigan yet ND can't manage even a field goal? How is it that you can put in Jones, a mobile QB, against Georgia Tech, yet not against Michigan, a team who has been utterly destroyed by mobile QB's? You can't run the ball...OK, numerous college teams pass 75% of the time, why not spread the field (another thing that kills Michigan, their most recent opponent) the entire game? Yea, the line couldn't protect. Throw slants, quick outs, crosses. 3 steps and get rid of it. Or you could have done the smart thing and started Jones and spread the field the entire game. But you burned that bridge quite badly.

I could go on, but I don't want to waste the few remaining brain cells I have left thinking about Notre Dame football and especially not about Mr. Botched Gastric Bypass. My point is, if Weis was such a genius, wouldn't he have known to put his team in the best position to win? Something his former boss, Belichick, does with brutal effiency? Then again, the downfall of genius is ego...

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