Sunday, October 14, 2007

Browns Update: End of 2nd

They keep running this terrible commercial of Chad Johnson for Degree deodorant. One guy fails to hold up the D, in C-H-A-D and that disturbs Johnson. So much so that he buys him some deodorant. Browns rush D is holding up nicely vs Brown. Peek, a LB out of the Nasty-Natty Bearcats is actually bring a nice pass rush and it's disrupting any rhythm that Cleo Lemon could establish. Wait, Cleo Lemon, ha he's an Arkansas State University Indian. I know, ha. DA has the confidence to throw deep and Chudzinski isn't afraid to let him do so. Show 'em your rod, Chudzinski.

On a side note, I think I remember Joey Porter making a tackle. Anyone remember him? $20 million in guarantees has got you a lot Mijammy... The Browns are trying to establish the run with Wright and Harrison. It seems to be working a little bit better with the smaller faster back in Harrison. Just throw Wright in there to get me TD's. Nice speak of the devil, 19 yards through the air to Wright. Get after 'em Rod.

Random fact of the quarter, Zach Taylor recently switched from a 1994 Riddell to a new Riddell Revolution so he doesn't follow Trent Green down "scrambled eggs" avenue. Browns come up short on 3rd and like 5 and Filthy Phil comes out and nails a 44 yarder. It is a wonderful fall afternoon on the shores of Lake Erie, by the way. I think Ted Ginn Jr. is a little pressed to try to make something happen and prove that he was worth the No. 9 pick in this past NFL Draft. Not trying to take anything away from the guy, Go OSU, but that was a little bit of a stretch. Gotta thank Devin Hester.

The Browns have really seemed to key in on the run and have done a great job of plugging up some holes. The LB's are all getting great penetration and the D-Line is holding their own. Nice pressure forcing Cleo Lemon to throw off balanced and across his body and he threw a floater to Leigh Bodden. Leigh had a nice return to about the 30 of Miami. The first few Miami drives were a different story because the D looked a little suspect, but now they are focused. Browns get the ball and toss a 24 yard TD to Braylonzo.

This is great, the execution of an effective game plan. I give a lot of credit to the Browns coaches. Everything is kept off balance and its making Miami look slightly inexperienced. Stay the course Romeo, stay the course. Ha, Ted Ginn had a nice return, but another holding call on the Miami special teams. I know what they are feeling right now, but I hate Cam Cameron. I hate all that is Shits-burg. Here comes the "ok Cleo, leash is pulled real tight, just give it to Ronnie Brown for a while" portion of the game. Miami's line is in shambles and I love it. Its almost like "screw it let Cleo Lemon take it, at least he has the lesser chance of drying (Trent Green) on the field". That's what I'd be thinking.

Ian Blow Job is commentating on this game and I hate how they change their tune about a player when he makes one good play or one bad play. Miami is moving the ball right now on a few nice plays. The Browns are showing a lot of zone right now and forcing Cleo Lemon to beat them. They have the ball on the Browns 20. Ha, Hagan just had an Offensive Pass Interference call on him. Thats a shame. Ha, follow it up by a delay of game on Cleo. What the hell kind of name is Cleo? 1st and 25 from the 40. HAHAHA another flag, false start on some Monica Liwenski, I think shes a guard. 1st and 30 on the Browns 45, after 4 penalties in one drive. Been there, done that, not fun. 2 minute warning.

Too soft of a zone with the Browns giving up 15 on 3rd on 16. Miami calls a TO, it looks like they are going to try to get this first, and go for it on 4th. WOW, Ronnie Brown got stuffed two times, and somehow got out and got 2 yards. 1st and 10, Miami. Nice toss from Lemon to David Martin over Sean Jones for a TD. It looked like Sean Jones just fell down. He never had a chance to look back and locate the ball. Gotta play better than that, it's Cleo Lemon to David Martin. That's not a bang, bang combination.

24-10, Browns are up about to start the one minute, three second drill. Let's see what the Browns do with 3 TO's and 0:43 seconds. #25 Will Allen the safety for Mijammy is down with a leg injury forcing the clock to stop, which gives the Browns the chance to get on the same page to take a shot deep with 2 or 3 plays called in the meeting. They setup the screen to Wright and take a quick TO. Hey ladies, we have a Brady Quinn sighting on the Browns sideline. Miami si showing a heavy blitz and they just toss it in the flat to KII who took it like 13 yards. Ha, Joey Porter got the tackle, what a bitch. A nice play by DA. Instead of forcing the ball, he tucked it and ran it netting like 7 yards and stopping the clock. There is 0:15 left and a delay of game on the Browns. Come on DA, I just made fun of Cleo about that dude. Anderson goes right back up top to Winslow, burning Joey Porter to get it down to the Miami3. The Browns are taking one shot at it. DA throws it away with 0:03 seconds left. Smart play by DA, not taking a risk and taking the 3 points. Filthy Phil makes it from 21 yards away.

Halftime, 27-10 Browns.

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