Sunday, October 14, 2007

Browns Update: End of 1st

Ok, Get After 'Em Browns...

Looking good with a nice return by Cribbs, that sets up a nice opening TD drive by the Browns. I signed Jason Wright to my fantasy team with a good start. 2 rushes for 3 yards and at TD. The Defense is seeming to have taken on the old "bend but don't break" philosophy. They gave up 3 to the fish. Ronnie Brown is almost certain to get to the century mark, and probably in the end zone today. He is off to a good start. I swear I just saw Zach Thomas groping himself after tackling Josh Cribbs on a WR reverse. DA just had KII alone in the end zone, but he kept it himself for the rushing TD. Damn it, Chudzinski, give it to Jason Wright for the TD. I want to beat my former boss, the dick wallet.

Sorry for the brevity duders. I was experiencing a little technical difficulty with the old internet connection. I hate Time Warner. Anyways, Get After 'Em Brownies.

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