Sunday, October 14, 2007

Browns Update: End of 4th

Wright opens the 4th for a first down. Keep the fantasy points coming, oh yea and Get After 'em Browns. DA takes it by himself for a few yards, after the Browns chip away with a few runs. It's 1st and goal from the 7. Wright gets it to the four or so. Browns are just eating up clock, maintaining the possession. Another rush for Wright and he loses 2. Ha, remember Dom Capers? They just showed him. He rocked in Houston. TD, DA to Braylonzo. Threading the needle for 6 yards and 6 points. Braylon's 2nd TD today. 34-24, Browns are up.

10:51 left in the game. For some reason Chattman catches it and has a small gain. Brilliant Jesse, Ginn Jr. just put it in the end zone last time, had it not been called back. Way to keep your ass in the game. Still doing everything through Ronnie Brown, he is tackled for a short loss of 3. Way to mix it up Cleo. Hmmm, who to throw to: Ronnie or Chambers? It's a toss up. Nice, terribly thrown ball, way behind Ted Ginn Jr. on 3rd and 3. Fins punt.

Wow, the Browns convert another 3rd down from a QB rollout with pressure from Miami, and Joey Porter just couldn't catch Kellen, who got a great block from Braylon. Harrison with another nice play, gaining 13 yards on a run off tackle. Harrison is really sneaking through the piles for another nice gain. 2nd and 1 from the 25. After another rush for no gain, Joey Porter just cheap shots Heiden. Real tough Joey, after the play is dead take a try at someone. Vickers get the hand-off and gets the first down. Cleared out by Thomas and Seiney. DA throws it away, above Kellen's double covered 'n smothered. 3rd and 8 from the 17. HOLY SHIT Braylon's 3rd TD of the day, on a jump ball to the end zone. The CB had no chance. It was just thrown up to where Braylon was the only one who could catch it. 41-24 Browns, 4:34 remaining. They ate up enough clock and put points on the board. You can't ask for much more out of your offense in that situation. Its been an up and down day for the D, lets see how they respond to the Offense.

Miami comes away with it after a scrum, on the kick off. Peak got in there and fought for it. Daven Holly with a nice defensive play, batting the ball down. I smell something stink in here, oh yea thats 0-6. Marty Hooker got a boo-boo off Defensive Pass Interference on E. Wright. Close call, but it merited a penalty. After a few plays of nice pressure, Peak got a sack of Lemon. TO, Miami 3:09 left. 12 yard gain, 1st down. INT!!!! Eric Wright, he batted the ball, and then came down with it, and makes the smart play for taking the knee.

Hugh says "this is where good teams get interceptions. 2 straight good games for E. Wright." Then Jason Taylor comes back and strips Jason Wright to get the ball right back for Miami. Thats a name you aren't hearing much today, Jason Taylor. Where has he been all year? For that matter what about the Miami D? A nice screen gets another first for Brown and Miami. 2 minute warning, 41-24 Browns.

Peak goes off-sides, for a penalty. 1:55 left, ball on the 7. Fade to the end zone for Chambers, he got one hand on it, but it was too long. 2nd and 5 on the 7. Pass to Brown in the flat, ball down to the 4, TO Miami. Side note, St. Louis is 0-6 too, after a loss to Baltimore. Lemon gets a crap TD to David Martin, for his second of the day. Again over Sean Jones. In his defense, that was a great throw by Lemon. You're not going to hear that too often. 41-31 Browns. 1:34 left.

Looking for the onside kick here... Let's see that hands team. The Browns have 3 time outs, to Miami's 1. Browns recover the onside kick, Steve Heiden handles it strong. He took a shot after, but its straight cash homie. Don't for get, "Getcha popcorn ready" for the next game. Shameless. DA takes the knee, solidifying the W. Browns go 3-3, while the Fins go 0-6.

41-31 Final, Browns win.

One more knee...

Savor the sweet, sweet taste of victory boys. Stay after 'em Brownies.

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