Sunday, October 14, 2007

Browns Update: End of 3rd

Ha, the Browns kicked off to start the second half and Ginn Jr. caught the kick and took it to the house with a real nice return. Ha, like every other return he's had today, holding. Nice Hugh got here. Lemon goes deep and over throws Chambers. The D-Line has played well this afternoon. Another batted ball at the line of scrimmage. You gotta like that because it gives your DB's a chance to come down with the ball. Ronnie Brown gets the first on a screen play. Eric Wright has a solid tackle on a botched play from Miami. E. Wright finishes a lot plays. Thats a great sign for a rookie CB. Ronnie Browns playing with a lot of determination right now and single handedly keeping Miami in the game. Thats a few first downs hes got for them on third and short. Chambers seems to be the only option for Miami right now, netting another first down to the Cleveland 6. Lemon gets the rushing TD on what looked like a botched play, but was actually a designed QB draw. 27-17 Browns.

The commentator just said "the lemon slice". I hate commentators. The other one said "make it lemonade". I hate commentators. This score is deceptively close right now. The Browns have taken care of business. 3rd and 3 with some interesting formations by the Browns. DA throws it away. 3 and out is not how you want show your confidence after letting up a scoring drive.

After a failed attempt to go deep, there was nice pressure from Sean Jones, Eric Wright stops Chambers short of the first. Miami is going for it, 4th and 1. They run a sneak. Snatch says "no way" and he gets the first. Cleo deep again, this time into double coverage and misses to Chambers. Off a broken play, the Fins get a decent gain on a toss to Ginn Jr. . The Browns look off. The D isn't on the same page and the fish are on the move again. 1st and goal frim the 9. Brown gets it down to the 1. Miami is spreading it out wide and sneaks it up the middle for a TD. The D-Line is breaking down now, after some nice play early on. 27-24 Browns.

Browns go deep over the middle to Winslow for a nice gain, but he fumbles and Ryan Tucker recovers. After 2 run plays, its 3rd and 9. Wright just dragged Keith Traylor 2 yards from behind the line. Nice, DA completes it to Jurevicius for 9 yards and a first down, catch was made in good coverage. End of the 3rd quarter, Wright rushes for 8 yards with Jason Taylor dragging behind, trying to strip the ball.

End of 3rd, Browns 27-24.

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