Monday, October 29, 2007


What the Patriots did in beating the Redskins was awful. Absolutely horrible and indefensible. There are much better recaps out there than anything I could do, and honestly, i didn't even watch it after a point, but what went on at the end of that game is a serious breach of human decency. All i know is, what a slap in the face to Joe Gibbs, one of the classier NFL head coaches. He didn't deserve that.

It was pure humiliation on a national stage by a team who is just about as smarmy and arrogant as it gets. A ton of people mocked Gregg Easterbrook's TMQ column this week as being douchy and extravogant, but I felt it was right on. The Patriots, most notably Belichick, are assholes, nothing more. They see their overmatched opponents and run up the score just to "scare" the rest of the league while imbuing self-indulgent douchebags like Bill Simmons with a air of superiority. You know what? Anyone who has that logo on any article of clothing is an absolute douchebag.

Yea the Patriots were the better team and deserved to win. That was evident at the half with the score 24-0. But the Patriots just needed to keep going. Spare me the, "it's the defense's job to stop the offense," bullshit. It was clear to any observer that the defense COULDN'T stop the offense, yet they still poured it on.

Defensive touchdowns aren't the issue. Whenever a defensive player gets the ball in their hands, they should try to score regardless of where the game is, they just don't get the opportunities. And I also don't have a problem with the Pats going for it on 4th and 1 in the Redskins' red zone because if you put points on the board with a FG, that's pretty awful and the defense should be able to stop them there. But what occured after that 4th down play was what was sickening. They bring in their cute little LB jumbo set with Vrabel and Seau and try to get it in with a pass then a run. Fine, but then they bring in the big dog WR's and throw it, fucking bullshit. If you're in that situation, you run the ball up the gut. You keep the clock running, you don't try to embarass your peers on national television.

I'm not an advocate for vigilantes on the playing field, enforcers if you will, but someone needs to take out Brady or Moss. The Patriots need to learn a lesson. They need to learn that what they're doing is not acceptable. They need to learn that keeping your starters in a blowout could reap some awful consequences. Again, I don't want to see another person get hurt, but this team deserves it. I hope Brady gets hurt and they start to suck because they made the bed that they'll sleep in. Belichick deserves karmic redemption to atone for all the bullshit he's heaped on the league so far this season.

If they ran the ball for the entire second half and still scored, that wouldn't be an issue. But throwing it downfield regularly towards the end of the game is nothing but bush league. That coupled with the reports that the headsets on the visiting bench went yet another indictment on this team. Not only do they OBVIOUSLY try and run up the score but they are still trying to get away with bullshit. Enough is enough.

I hope the Colts pull some of that shit and throw the Patriots off their merry-go-round. I find it funny that the Patriots have struggled so mightily against the Colts not because of the on-field performance, but because it seems that Peyton and the rest of the Colts are the one team to stand up and say, "you guys are just assholes, fuck you." It's refreshing to see a team with relatively equal talent, yet a team that respects the honor of the game, stand up for the integrity of competition. The Colts didn't go out and spend stupid amounts of money to get free agents, all their guys, while high-priced, are home-grown talent and GM Bill Polian is a master at finding talent that fits the Colts' philosophy (see: Kenton Keith, Freddy Keiaho, Marlin Jackson).

That's the thing about this Patriot team, it's full of unlikable characters. Their coach is an admitted cheater who doesn't seem to give a shit if he gets caught. Belichick is the biggest asshole in the league by's not even close. He treats media like they're scum, treats other coaches like they're morons and always acts like it's some giant inconvenience to have to talk to other people. All that and off the field he's in the middle of a controversy regarding him trying to buy away the wife of a New York contractor. He is total slime. Even if I was a Pats fan, I would have a hard time rooting for this guy just because he's such an incredible waste of life.

But there's more. Randy Moss' history is well noted. Their linemen are regarded around the league as dirty players. Rodney Harrison is the most fined player in league history and has been caught violating the substance abuse policy. Even Vrabel, who went to me and AC's high school, is a thoroughly dispicable player who dives at opponents' legs after an intentional spike. The whole team is just one giant arrogant mess that doesn't inspire, rather, serves as a model for what can happen when you let your ego get out of control and forget that there is a code of ethics.

I really hope the Colts destroy the Pats next week, there would be nothing more enjoyable...


snerdly_mortsnerd said...

I don't know why some folks think it's "classy" to play your second stringers, and run the ball when a team has a commanding lead.

To me that shows the ultimate disrespect for their opponent, and the game itself. It's basically saying: "We think you're SOOOO pitiful, that we feel sorry for you".

And besides, Tom Brady is on a mission to smash all offensive records. It's nothing personal against the Skins, or Phins or any other team. For years he's had to hear Manning this, and Peyton that, all the while having 2nd class wide receivers - while Archie's boy had Harrison and Wayne.

Now he finally has the tools to put the "Which QB is the best" question to bed, with a season for the ages.

This Pats fan plans on enjoying it with awe.

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

it's better to play 2nd stringers than to keep scoring, i dont know how you could justify it that way...

belichick is a classless fool, if brady gets hurt, they both deserve it.

id still take manning over brady any day of the week. brady can't control the clock this year at all, and it's going to bite them at some point.