Monday, October 29, 2007

Hugh's Quick Hits

-Hypocrisy towards OSU: The USC Trojans have a 3 year run that rivals any other, yet includes one missed opportunity on a National Championship (thanks to retarded voters) and another by getting beaten by the greatest college football player of all time. Currently, Ohio State has lost one, ONE, game in the last 2 seasons yet the only thing you hear about is how shitty the Big 10 is. Um...FUCKING USC PLAYED IN THE PAC-10!!!! It's been trendy to say this year that the Pac-10 is a new power conference, but I heartily disagree. Every team, with the exception of Oregon, sucks. Way overrated. Meanwhile, OSU just doesn't lose and they get knocked? Why didn't people say this about USC when USC was playing a bunch of creamier puffs than OSU currently faces. Fucking joke.

-God, it's me. Please destroy Boston. Kthxbai!: Insufferable Douchebags.

-Pats vs. Colts: I'm going to devote some serious time to this in the future. But for right now...I like the Colts, by 10 at least. As great as New England has looked, they haven't been tested by any serious teams. Dallas might have been a better matchup if they had an actual secondary, but that was just an awful mismatch. Dallas is still a top 5 team in the NFL, just not against the Pats or Colts due to clashes in philosophy, much like Michigan not being able to stop spread option offenses.

Meanwhile, Indy has beaten Jacksonville, on the road, Tennessee, on the road, a frisky Houston team, on the road, a frisky New Orleans team, and both Carolina and Tampa, teams with winning records, with Carolina being on the road. That's a gauntlet if I've ever seen one. And what have we learned about this Colts team? They have a sick defense who should be able to get to Brady and also keep Moss in check. They have an offense that nobody can stop, regardless of who is out there and who is injured. Lets just say I prefer substance over style.

-DA/Brady Quinn: This is a great debate to have. We have an awesome situation where we can control our future and recoup anything we lost in the Brady deal. As you probably know, DA is a restricted free agent after this season, meaning we can tender him, and most likely will, to require a 1st and 3rd round draft pick in return from any possible suitors. Obviously it's up to the coaches to know who is doing a better job during next offseason, and who can give the Browns the best chances going forward, but as of now, it looks like Brady will spend next season on the bench.

And that's not a bad thing. Brady is known for his work ethic, but he also had a bunch of flaws coming out of college that may or may not be fixed, frankly, we have no idea seeing as we haven't seen him in game action. But another year on the sidelines can give him the time he needs to really focus on getting his game in shape, working on accuracy, reading defenses and staying comfortable in the pocket. I'm not a soothsayer, but I think it would be foolish of Savage to see what Brees has become and realize the Chargers got nothing in return for him and then not acquire anything for DA when he leaves.

DA is like a large-cap emerging market stock. His value started at around $.30 per share and, as a result of incredible performances in an ideal market, has ballooned to over $30 per share. We've seen what happens to stocks like these in the past, what with the incredible bullshit that attached itself to the tech stocks of the late 90's and the sup-prime mortgages snafus. Could DA be Google? Hell, Tom Brady and Matt Hasselbeck certainly were. But buyer beware...Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow are good enough to make up for mistakes. If I was Savage, and I wish I was, this offseason, I'd call Minnesota, Jacksonville, Miami, New York (Jets), Chicago, and Kansas City and see if I can't poach their high first rounder.

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