Monday, October 29, 2007

Fantasy Basketball Live Draft

6:48: mental preparation begins, brian mclaughlin style. hugh is kickin it in class, which is a tangy weaksauce. the dude's over and ready to get his mclaughlin too.

6:53: go browns. just had to throw that one in there. they are off to a great start. how about braylon? hugh said it best: clinic. and jamaal was running hard, real hard. the penalties are an issue, but lets see how they come back next week in lieu of that past performance.

6:56: the dude just pulled up the top 5 do not draft list, courtesy of Yahoo! its pretty annoying, these guys look like rosie o'donnell's unborn artificially inseminated offspring. dude said some brashes won't hurt either.

6:58: waiting patiently for the draft to begin. ha, hugh's fantasy football team sucks. i mean it really sucks. they are so bad that he changed the team name from Koolaid's Construda to Miami Dolphins on his own accord.

7:02: Breaking News: Draft Order Released
1. Kruck'sMissingNut
2. Canadian Tuxedo (The Real AC)
3. BradDoughertyDozen
4. wetalkinboutpractice
5. Derrick Anderson = MVP (Hugh)
6. Cameron Crazies
7. dribbledeznuts
9. Harpers Heros
10. denim dan (The Dude)

7:07: nothing like getting the #2 pick in the draft two years in a row. especially after taking #1 in fantasy football. ha, i'm the comish too. bet some people like hugh are gonna bitch and say its all rigged.

7:08: suzie kolber sighting on espn. shes looking sharp this evening. you know shes pregers? oh yea i think retard posed on that, i think hes deposited his seed.

7:09: no one is logged into the draft yet. its only 21 minutes until it starts, i guess i am that pathetic.

7:29: draft begins.

7:37: its too hard to pay attention to both of these things...

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