Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A-Rod and Boras: Who Gives a Shit?

OMG, the MLB is pissed at Boras for distracting people from the World Series, oh heavens no...

This is out of control. You know what MLB? Maybe if the World Series wasn't the most boring series since 2006 then your fans would actually care. But, and I hate to say it, the World Series is no longer a premeir event. It's not even close. The ALCS, every year almost without fail, is far more dramatic, entertaining, competitive and well-played than the World Series, and that's what is wrong with your precious championship. Granted, the problem is one of a similar ilk to that of the NBA's where the Eastern Conference, at least before this year and the KG trade, was always the second fiddle. However, basketball is a game where one hot player can transcend the game and take over, so there is usually some kind of drama.

Not in the World Series. Think about it, what other major sports league has a RIVETING playoff system and then for the championship, they call up a AAA team as an opponent? There is no parity in baseball, the only chance for a team to win is for the whole organization to be working together and have talented players at every position. Some teams are great at this, some teams couldn't do this if they really tried (we know they aren't. See: Royals, Pirates). Unfortunately, the whole National League is this way.

The American League is by far and away the better League. The AL has teams dedicated to winning, teams with long histories in towns that love baseball. The AL has the DH which makes the level of play much higher for both pitchers and hitters, and through the years, has seperated itself as a different brand of baseball from that in the NL. Meanwhile, the NL has a bunch of expansion teams, the lovable losers in Chicago, and a bunch of teams run by absolute idiots. Fun stuff.

But I digress, the league disparity is not the intent of this post, rather, why Scott Boras announcing that A-Rod will opt out during the World Series is not a big deal. First, as I said before, the World Series was pretty much over after the ass-raping the Sox delivered to the Rox. Even with all of Red Sox Nation sporting massive bonahs all wekk, I can't imagine people really watched this crap. Second, it's Scott Boras. He's the devil, the devil does shit like this. Third, it's actually something to discuss that won't make people want to vomit rather than discussing the most putrid sports scene in history (i.e. Boston).

Listen, if A-Rod is greedy, then you and I are as well. People say all the time, "I'd be happy just to make a fraction of what these guys make, and I wouldn't ask for more because that's more money than I'd ever need." If you're one of these people you're either a massive hypocrite or mentally handicapped (or not American). So, if you got a raise you'd turn it down? If you had the opportunity for a promotion you wouldn't take it? If you were offered similar jobs from other companies that pay you more than you currently make you wouldn't take it? Come on.

And yes, this same logic applies to someone making $25k per year or $25 million. Why should A-Rod play for a team who's future is cloudy for a fan-base that doesn't appreciate him going .314/54 HR/156 RBI/143 runs/.422 OBP/1.067 OPS, when he can make MORE money in an environment he enjoys where the people are rooting for him to succeed rather than fail? Who wouldn't take that chance? And why should he be happy with, in his situation, the status quo? Why not try to take the most financially beneficial route and ensure that your family will be living comfortably for the rest of their lives and throughout the generations?

Come on people. And to say his value is bloated? Really? How is it bloated? Did he put a gun to anyone's head and say, "pay me this much," and force the issue? No, an idiot owner in Texas did that on his own accord. And why is A-Rod the target for these greedy accusations? Athletes in general get knocked for being greedy, but nobody ever says that about the Rolling Stones (and I'd wager that A-Rod provides infinitely more entertainment than the Rolling Stones) or CEO's for Fortune 500 companies that give themselves $30 million annual bonuses. Yet A-Rod tries to make some more money and impove the quality of his life and all of the sudden he's a greedy prick.

No offense, he's the best player in baseball. Why wasn't this a big deal when Michael Jordan held the Bulls ransom every offseason after his first comeback? Why is Brett Favre given a pass by the media every year when he contemplates retirement when it's obvious that the Packers without Favre are a 4-12 team? Why can Tiger Woods get $100 million to design a golf course and THEN get another $100 million from Gatorade and he's not considered greedy? Yet A-Rod injects some life into the end of the absolutely ATROCIOUS World Series, and all of the sudde he's everything wrong with sports.

Hey, guess what, if you know anything about his agent, you should know that it was Scott Boras pulling the strings. Boras is what is wrong with baseball, not A-Rod. Scott Boras has fucked up the entire drafting process that small market teams have almost no margin for error and the more talented, big-name prospects are all going to bigger market teams from the outset of their careers, leaving an even larger talent void than before. Boras sets the price, Boras does the negotiations and he's the one collecting commission. He has his hand in the A-Rod pot. If A-Rod doesn't opt out, Boras isn't making more money, and since Boras is the most greedy pig-whore on the planet, what do you think he was trying to convince A-Rod to do?

Another reason why this isn't a big deal...it fucked the Yankees. We know what it's like here in Cleveland to watch one of your favorite players, a key member in a winning team, defect for free agency and go to a huge market team for a ridiculous amount of money. But the one team, not even the Red Sox can say they haven't had a beloved player leave (Johnny Damon), the only true team to be immune from this was the Yankees. How does it feel? Look at those numbers again... .314/54 HR/156 RBI/143 runs/.422 OBP/1.067 OPS. Yea, have fun replacing that, oh yea, and the Gold Glove he's going to win this year. Good luck. If you think the Yanks aren't going to try and negotiate, you're pretty naive, and if they truly don't, then they're retarded.

Listen, this is a business. People want to make more money, and this is the greatest country for them to achieve that kind of financial success. The quest for more is ingrained in the fabric of America, and for us to chastise A-Rod for trying to improve his situation is downright hypocritical. No amount of money is too much, especially for someone who is basically a public whore for our entertainment. If teams want to pay him, by all means, that's their issue. If you don't like it, you have options. You can stop watching or going to games, stop buying merchandise, stop talking about sports in general. If you don't like A-Rod trying to make more money, then think about that next time you have an opportunity to get a raise. And you know what? This isn't the same as your little job. Nobody pays to watch you sit at your desk and fuck around all day. You don't have a talent that people want to see. Sports are entertainment, same as the Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd, who make infinitely more money than even A-Rod, so keep it in persective.

That said...Boras is still a douchebag.

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Jim said...

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. In conclusion, fuck every son of a bitch who has ever played for the Yankees at any point in his career.