Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hey Wally, it's not what you think!!!!

Manny: Hey Asdrubal, thats a crazy name man.

Asdrubal: Hey Manny, thanks a lot, you know?

Manny: No?

Asdrubal: Huh?

Manny: Man I like that name, where did you find it?

Asdrubal: I don't know man, it's caliente tho.

Manny: HEY PAPI! Did you know his name is Asdrubal?

Papi: HUH?


Papi: No, man! That's a cool name.

Manny: Thats what I said man.

Asdrubal: Hey Papi!

Papi: Hey Asdrubal! Man that's got a nice flow to it. (Papi looks at Terry Francona) Hey Senor Francona, can I be called Asdrubal?

Francona: (looks over and just spits)

Asdrubal: Hey you Red Sox guys are nice.

Asdrubal: Hey Papi, thats a crazy nickname man.

Papi: Hey Asdrubal, thanks a lot you know?

Asdrubal: No?

Papi: Huh?

Francona: So that Yankee job has opened up, huh? George seems like a decent enough guy...

John Farrell: So that managerial spot is open in Shitsburg? Anything's gotta be better than this.

Dice K: OHIO!!!!!!

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Jim said...

Poor Manny and Papi. Damn those Red Sox fans for taking advantage of the mentally handicapped like that!