Monday, October 8, 2007

Playoff Baseball Baby

Talk about a total contrast from Game 1… Game 2 was equally as impressive. The Indians trumped the Yankees once again, this time by a score of 2-1 in 11 innings. In what turned out to actually be a pitcher’s duel, the Indians out dueled Andy Pettite, Joba Cabriera, Mariano Rivera, and Luis Vicaino. Now, I may be crazy, but isn’t that basically the best possible situation for the Yankees pitching? Aside from Chen, what more could a poor rotation ask for. They got their best pitches to go out there and make it happen. Only the Indians happened to only need two of their best pitchers, managing to conserve some major firepower for Game 3.

The fans at the Jake really help take it up another notch. As if the pressure on the Yanks wasn’t enough, but every 0-2 count, 3-2 count, and major at bat the fans were on their feet, waving the towels. That atmosphere was purely amazing. The almighty Yankees didn’t know how to handle the pressure from the pitching and the fans. You could just see the confusion when they were batting. They were off balance all night. The Indians on the other hand just could not seem to find a way to capitalize on the mistakes from the Yankee pitching. That’s about as much veteran credit I’ll ever give the Yanks. You just gotta admit, the Indians play great baseball. They are young, energetic, and talented and great just really great to watch.

All I could think about the whole time, “Fucking Fausto is younger than I am. How the hell is he keeping a 3 hit, 1 run performance into this late in the game?” Each inning I would just watch him sit down the most feared lineup in baseball. And by the way, I gotta say someone in the crowd had a great sign. It read:

A-Rod - $27 million

Jeter - $21 million

Matsui - $13 million

A 2-0 lead over the Yankees… Priceless

That coupled with me going to take a quick piss in between a half inning, and this Yankees fan getting arrested. I have no idea what the hell the guy did, but when I walked in people were saying something about a kid getting hit in the face. Then a cop walks in and there were some duded who scampered off, because they were enjoying a quick smoke in the john. And some Yanks fan walked out and some people yelled that he did something, but the guy just walked of the john fine. Then everyone in the bathroom started yelling that this other Yanks fan, who was belligerently drunk and trying to pee, was the guy who did it. It was like no one cared as long as a Yankees fan was arrested. God I love it, that’s why Cleveland fans are the best.

Also, it was goddamn great seeing Kenny Lofton being the guy to actually score the game winning run and it was a great sign for Cleveland (unlike Lebron’s hat, Bill Simmons) that he’s ready to catch fire. A HR in Game 1, and the game winning hit in Game 2, look out baseball. And I put a picture up of the left field foul pole. There’s a Farmers Insurance sign on it, but nothing on the one in the right field pole. I think its garbage that they even try to advertise on the foul poles. Not to mention the fact that it’s Farmers Insurance… I mean if it was something decent like this website, that’d be ok. But whatever I thought it was pretty gay. Get after ‘em in Game 3, Tribe.

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Anonymous said...

This story would've been better if it was a day earlier. Paul Byrd probably should've started game three. He's always kicked ass in New York and so has Kelly Shoppach. Chien-Ming Dong is pitching today. I expect him to get his shit torn up once again.