Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sick of Work Rant

I'm fucking sick of working. I've been working all god-damn day. Most days, I can plod along leisurely at my own pace. Not fucking today, son. Today I gots shit ta do, ya hurd? I've been fucking planning finances all god-damn day and all I want to do is go home, smoke a b0ng and eat a turkey sandwich on waffles. Have you ever had that? Fuck, you haven't lived son!! Seriously, the little pockets in the waffles hold any condiment perfeclty. And the typical saltiness of the deli meat is wonderfully contrasted by the sweetness of the waffle. Sometimes I even like to sprinkle a little powerdered sugar on it. It's fucking delicious.

There's no real reason to make this post right now. I'm just doing it so we can get that picture of that gay ass purse off this MANLY publication. So, in order to do that, I'm going to employ my awesome talent of Typing a Stream of Consciousness. First topic that comes to my mind, is going to be talked about...

Fuck Yankee fans. I wouldn't give a shit if my wife of 50 years was a Yankee fan, I'd still bust her I'd sucker punch the shit out of her chicksticles. Seriously. Is this all A-Rod's fault? Fuck no. You know who's fault it is? Yours. If you don't have any expectations, you won't feel let down. When A-Rod came there, the years of high-priced spending had reached its zenith, or so we thought. The Boss paid slugger after slugger ridiculous amounts and didn't wisely invest in pitching, you know, the other half of the game.

So when A-Rod comes strolling into town, everyone starts thinking big and expecting a World Series. Well guess what, YOU HAVE TO PLAY BOTH SIDES OF THE GAME ASSHOLES. How can you justify this sense of entitlement? Why do you expect teams just to sit there and take it in the ass? Why do you think you deserve to be in every World Series year after year?

Take it from someone who knows. The Playoffs, not even talking about championships here, are a gift to be treasured. They are hard fought and hard earned and they don't come cheap. You don't stumble into a championship, you're team has to go get it for themselves. Not for New Yorkers though. And this brings us back to A-Rod. Had he not come in when he did, the IGNORANT amount of pressure wouldn't be there. If he had come now, people wouldn't expect huge results. But when you have a $25 million/year contract, that tends to bump up the expectataions just a little bit. But the problem is Yankee fans talk about him like their team is shovelling money his way. You know what? THE RANGERS PAY 1/3 OF HIS SALARY.

Rocket, Captain Intangibles get paid more by the Yankees. Giambi, who spent the majority of the series on the bench, gets paid a lot more by the Yankees. Those are your real targets because they produced bubkus. Yet all we hear about is A-Rod who wasn't even close to the worst performer of the series. Fuck you. You guys deserve the Royals. You deserve the Devil Rays. You sure as hell don't deserve the assemblage of talent that you have right now. Grow the fuck up and realize that you're not the center of the world. Realize that just because you have money, doesn't mean that you have skill. Just because your coffers run deep doesn't mean that you have the intelligence to invest wisely in players and have a plan instead of putting a $12 million band-aid on something.

Fuck all Yankee fans, except the smart ones, they're cool. Jeter has AIDS.


Jim said...

Jeter has AIDS.

I wonder if A-Rod knows?

Hot dogs with Peanut Butter and Jelly - Mustard optional.

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

oh, A-Rod knows. He knows damn well. why do you think he has purple lips? you think they got that purple playin a mean 3b? fuck no son, them's some yankee fellatin' lips right there.

appreciate the comments man, tryin to get some pub 'round here, like the fact that someone is actually paying attention...