Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Messed Up Junk

It's YouTube day here at the MDP, why? Because my ADD kicked in at work today, that's why. Anyways, here's the most ridiculous throwing arm in baseball's that little bastard Ichiro from his days in Japan. It's a veritable bukake of baseball goodness!


Jim said...

If Ichiro worked out more he could be one of the best homerun hitters of all time I think. Then again maybe thats why Gutierez isn't as good a hitter as he should be. Because he tries to hit the homerun when he shouldn't.

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

personally, i think ichiro could hit as many HR's as he wants. he places the ball where he wants to. he can do more damage on the basepaths and ruin a pitcher's rhythm, messing him up for longer than just one AB. hes crazy good, total asshole, but really great baseball player.

crazy arm too.