Friday, November 30, 2007

The Highest Paid Player on the Browns in 2007 is...RYAN FUCKING PONTBRIAND?!?!?!!?!?


This is the annual salary database provided by the NFL. Not really important, and pretty misleading considering the effect of newly signed contracts being inflated due to the signing bonuses and other guaranteed picadillos, but interesting nonetheless.
There are a ton of high priced players on the Browns, thanks to years of drafting in the top 10 and the general fucked up nature of the NFL draft pick compensation ladder, so one would be inclined to think that Joe Thomas or Kellen or Braylon would be among the most generously compensated. If you guessed that, like I did, you'd be fucking wrong.

Seriously. How bad were the Butch Davis years in terms of personnel and salary cap management? We all knew from a talent standpoint that he basically left the cupboard bare, but for a fucking 5th round draft pick LONG FUCKING SNAPPER to be the higest paid player on the team is fucking disgusting. THAT'S why we were a leaguewide laughingstock.

Listen, I kinda liked Butch, he was a cool dude (who I had the pleasure of serving when I was working at a restaurant that Al Lerner was the primary investor of on the day he signed Butchy) and a pretty OK coach. Excellent motivator. But let's not kid ourselves, there are some guys who are great college coaches and some guys who are great NFL coaches, there are rarely both. Butch was definitely a college guy, and was horribly miscast by an ignorant front office. He had way too much input into personnel and financial processes, but the past is the past.

This isn't meant to be long, but it's hard not to ramble in a confused and shocked nature when you see a team full of great young draft picks peforming to their potential, and yet the highest paid guy on the team is your long snapper. Funny stuff.

PS: It's also generally not a good sign when you google for pictures of the highest paid player on your team and the best picture you can find is him reading to kids and the only pictures of him in pads (that aren't comically sized) are from his days at Rice.


Jim said...

I bet even the kids he was reading to were saying, "who the fuck is this guy?". But after what Ferry did to the Cavs I can't complain too much about this.

How much is this guy making?

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...


$595,000 base salary
$1,100,000 signing bonus
$8,002,760 other bonus

kinda ridiculous.

note to self...groom child to be greatest long snapper ever.

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

wait...that doesnt add up.

whatever, his overall cap value is $8,864,760, thats all that matters.

check out the link for details.

Jim said...

"Kickers represent a fairly safe place to invest since their performance is presumably more predictable from year to year than other positison(and their injury risk less). Highly paid Wide Receivers on the other hand are high risk, and generally losing investments."