Saturday, December 1, 2007

Well...that was Pathetic

Seriously...fuck these teams.

How dare critics say OSU doesn't deserve to be in the National Championship game...what a fucking joke. Fuck Mizzou. Fuck West Virginia. What a fucking crock that was.

After all this bullshit throughout the year, it boils down to two powerhouses. Georgia/Kansas (blech)/VT/LSU/USc vs. OSU, OSU is the number 1 team in the country...again. After all this talk about being the year of the upset, two bullshit teams fuck up their season because they sucked.

Yes, they suck. There isn't anything you can say. Both of these teams had the NC game in their hands and they couldn't close the door. Mizzou has at least a little decency remaining...Oklahoma is a pretty good team and they're always going to be talented, but WVU? West Fuckin' Virginia? Losing to Dave Wannstadt?

Let's be frank here, Boise State was a nice story, as was Kansas and MIssou this year, as was West Virginia and Louisville's little claim to competency. But that's where it ends. None of these little teams have any chance of being the big dog, none whatsoever. I don't care how great your offenses are or how good you look in your endless array of alternate uniforms, you just suck.

Really, it's not your fault, the big schools get the actual football players. Don't give me this shit about NFL guys coming from small schools or bullshit about Steve Slaton and Pat White and all that crap. Yea, they're nice players, they'd probably be decent on a real football school's team. But schools like Texas and Florida and USC have an entire roster of these guys. No matter how good you think you are, you're nothing more than a big fish in a small pond.

Yea, the Big East is a powerhouse. Whoever fucking said that garbage should be shot. Listen, upsets happen, it's a way of life in college football, but if you're team is so gutless that they choke away a sure-fire trip to the NC game against DAVE FUCKING WANNSTADT then you do not deserve to say you could beat teams like Ohio State. Give me a break.

Yea, Mizzou was a nice story with some good talent. But when you get a chance to go to a NC game, whomever you face, you should at least be able to look like a competent team, regardless if you win or lose. Oklahoma didn't even look like they were trying out there. Could they have called a more basic offensive and defensive package? Basically they said, "here's what we're going to do...stop us."

So shut the fuck up. I'm sick of hearing that OSU sucks and that they don't deserve to be there, because the bottom line is, the teams above OSU and USC simply blew, and THOSE were the teams that have no business in any type of BCS game. It's a nice story when it happens, but the talent just isn't there to truly deserve the title of best team in the country.

So the question boils down to whom will the awesome, amazing, sweet ass Buckeyes play? LSU? 2 losses? Georgia? They didn't even win their division. Kansas? HAHAHAHAHAHA. USC? 2 losses, one to FUCKING STANFORD. VT? Can they go over LSU who demolished them 49-7? Ugh...

Well, we'll see what happens, I'm sick of this shit. Fuck Mark May.

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Jim said...

I think Jim Rome said it best when he said the BCS didn't pick the two best teams, they picked the two least undeserving teams.

If the BCS championship is the first step to the playoffs than I'd be willing to put up with it for a while longer. However if the playoff's never come, then lets go back to just the bowl games.