Sunday, December 2, 2007

Early Morning NFL Picks

Well after an interesting evening in college football, its time to watch the Browns to 8-4. Dude, think about this. I'm not trying to be some homer or anything, but Hugh and I were talking the other day about the Browns. The Browns record could actually be 10-2. The only losses they had this year that they weren't in it on the final drive are the drubbing in week one from the Stillers and then the Patriots game. Until the Eagles game, I thought that the Browns played the Patriots the best all year, well I don't include the Colts game I guess. So basically, they played the Patriots the third best. Sweet. Either way, but that second Stillers game and that Raiders game were both within reach. I mean, I was so pissed that after the performance they had vs the Nasty Nati putting up 50 then losing to OAKLAND! Ok, enough of this. Picks time:

Falcons vs Rams (-3): I'm going with STL. Steven Jackson is going to destroy the Falcons himself. Does anyone even care about Atlanta anymore? We are just waiting for Petrino to draft Bromm with their draft pick. Anyone surprised? Who really cares? Exactly, moving on..

Bills (+6) vs Redskins: I'll take B-lo here. Sorry to all in Washington DC about the loss of Sean Taylor. In the wake of the tragedy that is the passing of Sean Taylor, it has to be just way too hard to think about football on a day like today. And I'm sorry, but I would think that Lee Evans will be able to do his thing vs the 'Skins. Seriously, Sean Taylor is like 5 months older than me, and I think, no matter what your impression of him as a person was, this is a true reminder that players need to put life in perspective and learn from what Sean Taylor did. He made the necessary realization that something needed to change, and the result is an absolute tragedy.

Lions (+4) vs Vikings: Are you kidding? This is like taking candy from a baby. The Lions are going to throw all day over the Vikings. Kitna has been struggling as of late, but the Vikings can't stop anyone in the air. Next.

Texans vs Titans (-3.5): Titans. Haynesworth should be back and he should sign as a free agent with the Browns to play nose tackle for their 3-4 D. Look for the Titans to do what they do: its ugly, but its a W.

Jaguars (+6.5) vs Colts: I'm taking the Colts on the W, but the Jags to cover. Indy is banged up and barely beat the Falcons last week. If you've got Peyton Manning on your team, then you basically always have a shot to win.

Jets (+1) vs Dolphins: I'm taking the Jets. Fuck it. They beat the Stillers and I picked the 'Fins to beat the Stillers so by my logic, since that didn't happen means the Jets will beat the Dolphins. Who really cares anyway. At this point, I'm just hoping for a winless team. Since the Browns are doing so well, I want that coupled with a team doing something that many thought the Browns would do, but never did. If that makes any sense.

Chargers (-6) vs Chiefs: Who cares about the Chiefs? Chargers need to start winning to gain some confidence because you know they are going to win their weak league.

Seahawks vs Eagles (-3): Another barn burner. Match up of teams with coaches who look like walrus'. I'll take Philly because A.J. Feeley is pimpin it up now.

49ers (+3) vs Panthers: I'll take the Niners today. Why not? Both teams suck. They might be feelin good about getting after it again with that big time W last week.

Bucs vs Saints (-3): If Garcia were able to go today then I'd take the Bucs, but he's not, so I'll take the 'Aints.

Browns (+1) vs Cardinals: ESPN just said that Braylon looks to be a go so far today and Larry Fitz seems to be a scratch. Does that even change my pick? NO. Browns win big. The Cards secondary is diminished.

Broncos (-3.5) vs Raiders: Jamarcus might play today. Whoopidie Doo. What should be a great rivalry game. Kinda like what I'm hoping the Browns vs Steelers returns to in the coming years. But its not... screw it take the Broncos.

Giants (-1.5) vs Bears: G men need a W so they can finish the season saying they didn't start hot, only to fizzle down the stretch AGAIN.

Bengals (+7) vs Stillers: I hate the Burg. I hate that Nati. I hate the Nati less. The Nati wins.

Patriots (-20) vs Ravens: Ya see, the Ravens might be able to throw a few curve balls to the Patriots here and there, but the Ravens might not score. Is Boller starting still? Who cares, McNair isn't any better. I hope they don't fire Brian Billick for the same reason I hoped Lloyd would stay at Michigan. At least this way you know 2 divisional W's each year. Hopefully the same can be said about the Nasty Nati.

By the way, did anyone see in the ESPN player interviews about Sean Taylor? They showed Clinton Portis, and some other big time players and then they showed this guy. I saw him and I was like "Who is this dude?" and I found out who it was. I kinda figured you'd only know who he is if you are a Redskins fan. So for those of us who aren't there ya go.

And I was watching that Washington vs Hawaii football game last night. If you say that the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, and the University of Illinois Ilini mascots/team insignia are racist then you HAVE to throw in the University of Hawaii. If that's not discriminatory then neither are those. The way I saw the Hawaii people cheering and doing their tribal like dances seemed to be more of a celebration of a culture, so how is it that the other 3 aren't?

(Hugh's rebuttle: If there were a bunch of Native Americans in the stands at Redskin, Indian and Illinois games dancing and shit, it wouldn't be racist. Those are Hawaiians in the stands in Hawaii, not white people from the suburbs.)

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