Sunday, November 25, 2007

Site Update

Sorry to the two readers of this site, for not updating enough. As previously documented, I am a grade school basketball coach which has taken up a chunk of my time. We are running the Villanova offense this year. We just don't have any height, so this team is going to be the ugly offspring of Nellie Ball and the 4 guard Villanova offense. Creative genius. Hugh has no excuse. Though his fantasy football team has squeaked out of the cellar and is currently residing in second to last place.

Anyone who runs a fantasy football league, I have a question for you. At first I setup fantasy basketball and I set the trade approvals to the commissioner. After Hugh and the Dude decided to trade Agent Zero for Stu Scott's Rookie of the Year Chris Paul, then they decided to trade the players back and I let them. I just figured if two dudes agreed on a trade then if it wasn't loading another team then it's fine. So I got my balls busted about that. So for this football season, I set it to league vote. I just figured that way if anyone has a problem about with someone's trade, it can be solved with an anonymous vote. So this dude's trade got voted down by the league and he's bitching at me for it. What the hell is the best way to set that shit? I mean there are people who have no thing to do, but bitch about why they didn't get their way i.e. full time grade school athletic directors. But that's neither here, nor there. I just wondered if there's a way to do it where I don't need to deal with 20 emails why dudes think the league is bull shit. All suggestions are welcome.

Though I did come up with a great solution for that issue for this year's basketball season. I just didn't ask the two dudes to be in the league this year. But no, seriously, give me advice.

I thought I should add a nice picture to go with this wonderful, ground breaking post. I searched "retards" on google and I found "the gallery of retards"

Here is my personal favorite:

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