Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey Michigan People...FUCK YOU

The thing I always hated about Michigan was their incessant talk about how brilliant they are as opposed to the percieved ignorance of Ohio State players/fans. Yea, because guys like Charles Woodson and Shawn Crable are brilliant...

Anyways, this profile of Anthony Gonzales, Colts WR and OSU attendee, is just one great example of a guy who isn't a fucking retard, yet decided that OSU would be a better fit than some bullshit, head-up-our-own-asses, university up there.

Oh, Krenzel is another great example.

Sure, OSU blogs aren't flowing narratives of gridiron prognostication, but really, who wants to fucking read some bullshit like that regarding football? And when EVERY Michigan blog is a direct ripoff of then it gets a little old (mgoblog is pretty good tho, despite the fact it's written by a pompous UM grad).

Whatever, fuck Michigan. I just realized that my entire post made me sound like an idiot (well, more of one than I usuall am) and kinda proved their point. Oh well...I'll just sleep on my pillow of 4 straight wins.

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