Friday, December 7, 2007

Personal Letter to Danny Ferry


Listen buddy, we know you kinda had a forced hand in some of your initial personnel moves. We understand that you had to do SOMETHING. Personally, I even understand the decision to throw cash at Larry Hughes...well...ok, I'll give you that. You know, when you started pulling the trigger, they all seemed like solid moves. I can give you a pass on all of them on one condition.


You're staring into the eye of a hurricane here broseph. You have a mega-super-duperstar on your team full of jokers. You have THE model for what your team most desparately needs on another team trying to bitch his way off. PLUS, said discontent star is good friends with your mega-super-duperstar and both would mesh together seamlessly. Dude, this is too good of an opportunity to fuck up.

Yea, you're hands are tied a little bit. You don't really have much cap space OR valuable players/contracts. Take a look at this lil' scenario though... Sure, you're giving up a ton of valuable players who are currently contributing. Gooden would be a big blow, but softened by Sean Williams' ridiculous nasty streak and upisde...definately taking a flier. You'd lose out on Hughes and Shannon Brown, but seeing as they don't play (in Brown's case...I'm not sure why) you can shoulder the loss., that one would hurt. Who doesn't love Boobie? HIS FUCKING NAME IS BOOBIE GOD DAMNIT. I'd be losing out on a neighbor (that's right, I live in the same development as he does...never see him, and if I did, all I'd do was ask him if he wants to take some bong rips) and a potentially good player, but you'd have to make this trade Danny.

The Lakers fucked up last year. Bynum for Kidd essentially? Who wouldn't make that trade? Oh, Mitch Kupchak. Retard...Anyways, scenraios like this force you to assess your personal risk tolerance and evaluate your short-term profits against your long-term potential. Yea, Boobie could turn out to be amazing (I see his ceiling as a notch below All-Star caliber, a solid performer, but not an elite player) and he'll definately be around longer than Kidd for a lot more of a managable fee.

But Kidd is a Hall of Famer. How long can he be productive? About as long as Clevelander's will be sweating out LeBron's contract situation. What better way to entice the Savior to stay than by alleviating his demands? Get LeBron a genuine talent, espeically one of Kidd's skill set, and you have yourself two hungry superstars who both will die in order to get a championship. Is that scenario worth Boobie Gibson and Drew Gooden? I'd be willing to make it. Throw in your 2009 first round pick to sweeten the pot and who knows? The Nets might be willing to take on all that youth in order to exponge the expensive aging talent and to add cheap productivity to incur some of the shit resulting from Vince Carter's inexplicable contract.

Danny, do this for the fans. Do it for LeBron. Do it to win a championship, or for your own ego, or to solidify your reputation. Make the Cavaliers a challenger to the elite, a genuine Finals contender. Whatever your motive, just make it happen.

Hugs and Kisses XXXOOO

Hugh McSnatchercraft

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Jim said...

Just looking at the numbers thats a decent enough trade, but the Nets are only about a Lamar Odem away from Finals contention. Thorn isn't going to trade away his superstar for Drew Gooden, 2 prospects, and the Old Maid- unless he's also willing to trade away Carter and Jefferson and start rebuilding. Until Hughes's contract is up all we can hope for is one year where he isn't a complete fucking waste of space.