Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Real Heisman

You know, for the most part I agree with AC's Heisman logic, there really isn't a good choice. I say we give it to Jacob Hester. Why? Because of that fucking sweet video. There is nothing I like more than seeing a team with ugly uniforms get lambasted by some good ol' traditional football. I used to like Tennessee kinda, I mean, I liked them when they had Al Wilson, John Henderson, Albert Haynesworth, Jamal Lewis, Dante Stallworth, Peyton...actually, I just liked it when they used to get good defensive players and would always hit.

Hester deserves it because he's, you know, actually on a team that matters. That's why I have a hard time giving it to Tebow or McFadden. If forced to pick between the two, I'd probably go with Tebow, just because he's scored more touchdowns than 100 DIVISION I-A TEAMS!!!!! Yea, that's nice and all, but you know who was like that last year? Colt Brennan. Why didn't he get it? Because his accomplishments existed in a vacuum. That's why I have a hard time endorsing Tebow. Sure his numbers are laughably gaudy, but what did they achieve?

I'm not a fan of saying, "give it to the best player on the best team," but at the same time, give it to the player who elevated his team to greatness, not the Capital One Bowl. For all Tebow's stats, they didn't get his team to a BCS bowl, let alone over the hump in 3 games. But at the same time...the same thing applies to McFadden.

McFadden is a fucking beast. His performance during the LSU game was
legendary, nay, epic, nay, legendepic, phew, finally a term to accurately capture the moment. Not a real word you say? Well, I say, "fuck you, this is my blog, I can cry if I want to."

McFadden is clearly the best player in college football. Most talented, most important. Arkansas has Felix Jones and that white FB guy and...Casey Dick? Bottom line is Arkansas has shit. Seeing as all their threats are right there in front of you, throw 9 in the box, who cares? That led to a lot of bullshit this year, but at the same time, McFadden came through TWICE in ridiculous fashion.

Colt Brennan was legit this year. Maybe if he played a real team in a real conference in a real state (Hawaii is America's vacation home) then he'd get more dap. Chase Daniel? Sorry, too short. Dixon? How's the knee big guy? Hope you learn to hit because you ain't playin football.

As convoluted as this year's NC game is, the Heisman is equally ridiculous. There is no real winner, and nobody truly deserves it. Listen, Tebow has the stats, but if that were the case, a Texas Tech QB would have won it each of the last 10 years. The numbers are gaudy (I fucking love that word) but they didn't get his team squadoosh. Of the top teams, you couldn't give it to any Buckeye or Tiger because those teams are just too balanced.

My solution? Give it to the best player in the country, regardless of the position (which, ironically, is the definition of the award, not just the best QB or RB and, every 10 years, WR). This doesn't mean best NFL prospect like those fucks who honestly thought Calvin Johnson had a chance at the award, nor does it mean the biggest stat accumulator. Yes, a lineman can be nominated as well as a defender. The best I've seen this year? That's another discussion.

As much as I absolutely fucking loathe the fucker, Jake Long was the best player in college football...then he got Gun Show-ed. Scratch him off the list. Little Animal? Nope, his complete disappearance in the Purdue and Illinois games takes him off. Glenn Dorsey? Come on...has there been a more overrated player (or defense for that matter) in the last half of the year than Dorsey? And injury is not an excuse.

The real Heisman? Chris Long, DE from Virginia. Yea, I've been blowing his horn all year saying the Browns should try and get him in the Draft...ain't happenin'. Now? I think the press is a little much. He's good, but I wouldn't spend a top 10 pick on him, well...maybe top 10, but definately not top 7 (the money doesn't add up...you're looking at $20 mil gauranteed for a 3-4 DE who probably won't get many sacks or be a fan favorite because of the invisible nature of the 3-4 DE). However invisible the 3-4 DE is, he is a fucking wrecking ball in the scheme now. Double digit sacks, double digit tackles for loss, and all that with teams running away from him. Somehow he has made MOTHERFUCKING VIRGINIA coached by AL FUCKING GROH anything but a laughingstock. This is no small feat.

Now you say, "but his team hasn't done shit either." Correct, but you have to place it in context. Virginia is one of the worst ran programs in college football. Their expectations, especially after their season-opening defeat at Wyoming, were a lot fucking lower than that of Florida's. Tebow inherited a roster chock full of NFL talent coming off a National Championship where they embarassed the equally NFL-ful roster of Ohio State (fuck them). Florida is a perennial contender in one of the most talent rich states in the country.

Chris Long made Virginia relevant in an irrelevant conference, almost by himself. Nobody will ever confuse Virginia and Florida. In fact, for the last decade, despite the talent brought in by Groh, nobody would confuse Virginia for Tulsa. On one of the most disappointing and lackluster teams, Chris Long produced one of the most ridiculous seasons for a defensive player, basically willing his team to success it most certainly wouldn't have seen otherwise. Yea, Florida finished relatively highly ranked in a marquee conference with star power to spare. But, come on...it's Florida, they probably would have finished in the same place with another stud QB recruit that they have the resources and name-recognition to easily acquire.

Plus, in case you haven't noticed, Urban Meyer's system has a boner for QB's like Tebow (see: Smith, Alex). Think the numbers aren't inflated just a little bit, especially considering that Florida, despite their considerable wealth and influence, couldn't find a decent RB? Think that all the media hasn't had something to do with the fact that people are willing to ignore a disappointing season? Granted there aren't any marquee players at marquee positions to put up there, but there are numerous better players than Tebow. Being a system QB doesn't invalidate the numbers, but you have to note they are inflated. D-Mac is sharing carries. Daniel has a competent RB on his team. Dorsey has NFL talent all around him. Everyone I mentioned isn't as truly individually special as Chris Long is.

If you want to maintain the sanctity of the award, give it to the deserving party. Chris Long might not be the biggest star in college football, but there's no doubt he's the best player and, despite the limitations of his team, the system and his position, has the worthy numbers to back it up and was responsible for more of his team's success than Tebow or D-Mac. Teams don't usually retire numbers while the player is still playing, that's a sign of how important he's been to the program. Give this man his due and please ignore the hype.

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