Monday, December 3, 2007

There's a Heisman Race Going On?

Did anyone else totally forget that the Heisman Presentation is this Saturday? There has been little fellating of Tebow. I mean I guess he's the logical choice. The dude did rush for 20+ TD's and throw for 20+ TD's this year in the SEC, thats pretty good. Above average at best... Plus there's some pictures of him with some nice looking coeds. In any case, who else would you choose? Everyone else has been hurt or is hurt. And then there's Darren McFadden. I mean McFadden hasn't really been the dominant back everyone thought he'd be, but I'm not taking anything away from his talents. He just didn't have the year he needed.

Speaking of Heisman stuff, Kyle Boller just got knocked around by the Pat's defense and we could see Troy Smith...

UPDATE: We didn't see Troy Smith.

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