Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Real Season of Destiny...

So the Browns have an interesting situation on their hands. They can clinch a playoff spot this weekend, which is a miraculous feat I don't care who you ask. After week one people were wondering if they'd be 0-13 now and not the Fins. Either way, it looks like this one could happen one way or another.

First: The Browns need to beat the Toronto Bills this Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Oh yea, the Browns only loss at home this year was that lowly week 1 performance vs. the Stillers. So... I like their chances with this one.

Second: The Titans need to lose to the Chiefs in KC on Sunday. Probably less likely. The Chiefs suck something fierce, but YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. Remember that.

Third: The Broncos need to either lose to or tie with the Texans in Houston. Who really cares? Why even play this game. These two teams just annoy me as of late. I hope they both lose. What does that do to the playoff picture?

I think this is a very realistic possibility. I mean the only obstacle in the way of the Browns will be that Titans losing to the Chiefs. Either way GO BROWNS!

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