Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well, Those Were Cooler Than I Thought They'd Be

Just as I get done screaming about how monochromatic uniforms look like shit, the Vikings roll out their purple pajamas...but, strangely, I liked them a shit-ton.

I hate the regular Vikings uniforms, especially the purple pants and white tops, I think they look like absolute shit. And I also hate purple. But those unis last night were a thing of beauty, they lined up, looked good on fat or thin, white or black. They're not the Browns, Colts or Cowboys throwbacks or even the Jaguars home unis, but they were a marked improvement over the crap they usually trot out.

Now, if only the Vikes would go from the alternating colors, to all white or all purple, maybe, just maybe, their awful uniform indiscretions will be forgiven. Now, if only the team didn't suck.

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