Friday, December 21, 2007

Why Do They Insist on Playing Basketball During Football Season?

This happened last night. There were a few blurbs about it on ESPN, but other than that, it was pretty low key in terms of hype...which leads me to this question. Why on earth does the NBA insist on starting their regular season so early?

Football is king. In terms of ratings and coverage on sports networks, it's second to none, and it really isn't even close. Even when the football season is months and months away, NFL news still infiltrates the media shitstorm because that's what people care about.

When the NFL season is over, yea, then basketball is the main feature (since hockey shit the bed) but really, the length of the NBA season is ridiculous even when compared to the MLB season. Starting in October? Come on, Golf gets better ratings. Now is the time when basketball should be starting off, I know it's completely unrealistic but I don't care. We have the bowl layoff in college football and the NFL is about to close out the regular season so we need another avenue of sports entertainment...BINGO. The NBA season.

Why do NBA players only play 3 times per week? That makes no sense. Yea, it's a physical game, but it's not like these guys need that much time off. In the current NBA landscape, outside of Utah, San Antonio and Detroit, there are no 'plays.' Why spend time practicing when you can just go out and play? It's ridiculous. Remember the days when the playoffs used to have games on consecutive nights? Were the players tired then? Jesus Christ, these guys are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world (Shaq, Eddy Curry and Zach're not included), you mean to tell me that playing an extra game per week would kill them?

The only people who give a shit about the NBA right now are the diehards. Sure, when the NFL season is over I devote my entire attention to the NBA, but right now? I could care less, except for fantasy that is... The playoff field is so wide, it really dilutes the whole regular season. Why try hard when a sub-.500 record will get you in? Maybe if they cut down the field that would help solve some of the problems, but right now, it's a mess. Do we really need 8 teams from each conference? Sure you get a Golden State scenario every now and then, but that's hardly the norm. Look at baseball's playoffs, they're arguably the most dramatic postseason event in professional sports and why? Because the field is limited to the teams that truly deserve to be there. Look at all the sweeps last year in the first round of the NBA playoffs...real exciting there guys.

Eh, whatever, I'll probably get made fun of by a certain collaborator who gets a hard-on from roundball, but to be honest, I'd rather watch Silly Season golf than watch November basketball. Nothing is better than watching a bunch of mistakes and watching certain guys try and get back into shape. Fun stuff.

PS: LeBron is better than Kobe, and yes, I watched the entire game (while flipping back between 2007 US Open highlights on the golf channel).

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