Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wow...I Guess I was Wrong About the Browns Being Good

Cribbs and Braylon? That's it? Really?

Jonathan Ogden gets to go over Joe Thomas...really?

Tony Gonzalez gets to go over Kellen Winslow...really?

Steinbach doesn't make it? What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Great system...the team with the fewest sacks allowed doesn't even get ONE lineman in. The tight end who teams HAVE to double team doesn't get in over a guy who's production doesn't come close to what it used to.

Listen, I can't complain about DA not getting in, the AFC simply has too many good QB's for everyone to make it. But Joe Thomas and Steinbach not making it is a fucking joke. The Browns have the single best line in the NFL and, yet, nobody gets in because some guy who has SUCKED this year makes it because he's been in for the last decade...despite missing a bunch of games...and despite being a shell of his former self...something even HE will admit.

Tony Gonzalez needed 11 more receptions to equal Kellen's numbers, and he isn't sharing the ball with anyone and is playing for a team that doesn't matter. Who has been more responsible for his team's success: K2 or Tony G? Well, when you say success, that really doesn't apply to the Chiefs.

Yea, DA, Joe, Steinbach, and Kellen are all first alternates, meaning one of them will probably make it (my guess is Joe based on Ogden not wanting to make the trip) but come on. Give respect where it's due. When the Browns finally get Pro Bowl caliber players, they get the shaft. Fuck that.

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thanks dude and go browns. WOOF WOOF!