Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sign this...

How in the FUCK could anyone even consider changing the Browns' uniforms? Give me a fucking break. The one bastion of tradition remaining in the NFL, and there's actual consideration being given to CHANGING IT????

You either love or hate the Browns' unis, it's a fact of life. But they're still an indentifying characteristic of the organization. Face it, as indentifiable as the Cowboys' star is, or the Raiders' crest, or the Dolphins' Coke-bottle dolphin with the mismatched helmet logo is, the Browns' lack of ANY logo is what fans identify the team with. You mention the Browns to anyone and the first thing they would most likely mention is the lack of a helmet logo and the traditional uniforms.

Please, PLEASE, stick with tradition, keep the uniforms sacred, as a part of the team's history, I beg of you.

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