Friday, January 11, 2008

Progressive Field? Could Be Worse

Well, I'm officially out of my Buckeye malaise, so it's time to turn my attention to the Cavs and the NFL Playoffs. But today, something new came up...the renaming of Jacobs Field.

I have always abhorred the practice of corporate naming rights on professional sports' stadiums, I think it's disgusting and ruins the integrity of the game. At least we're not like those hypocritical Euro footie clubs who hate everything America stands for, yet at the same time, plaster advertisements all over their UNIFORMS. But I digress.

Progressive Field is not that bad. Sure, we're going to see Progressive Insurance advertisements all over the Jake and everything, but it's not like there aren't hideous ads everywhere to begin with (I will never forgive First Energy for their AWFUL ad...if it was tasteful, that'd be one thing, but First Energy's is not). Plus, it's not like the name of the stadium is some hideous concoction of some corporate name with Field or Park added on to make it seem like it's old school when in reality, the simple naming of the place destroys any connection to the roots of the game.

So the Jake is now Progressive Field, and that's kinda sad, but it could've been much, MUCH worse, and anyways, it'll always be the Jake to everyone who loves it, just like the Q is still the Gund to me.

So join me in bidding a lovely farewell to Jacobs Field, the memories will always live on.


Jim said...

Affleck Field?

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

Personally, I would have liked the sponsor to be some funny company.

KY Warm Stadium has a nice ring to it.

The Real A.C. said...

I would prefer "Jacobs Field at Progressive Park".