Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Whoo! Michigan! Pathetic.

You have to love seeing Michigan beat Florida. To be honest, as an OSU fan I wouldn't mind seeing a meteor hit the stadium and wipe out both schools' football programs completely, but since that didn't happen, seeing Florida get beat was pretty nice.

Fuck both teams, but fuck Michigan more. Now you decide to actually try? Now you decide to do something other than the most basic offense you could think of? If you played like that against OSU, you might have actually won more than 0 times in the last 4 years. What an overrated bunch of pussies...well, maybe they weren't overrated, just lazy, or not coached well...fuck it, it's all of the above.

I cannot stand Mike Hart. I think he is the biggest asshole in the world, bar none. He is the epitome of the phrase, "big fish in a little pond." 4 yards per carry is a decent average in the NFL where the defenses are bigger, faster and stronger, but Mike Hart doesn't play in the NFL. Mike Hart didn't fumble in 1,000 whatever carries...AWESOME. Listen, that's nice and all, but that's the same thing as celebrating David Garrard for not throwing any interceptions yet only throwing 2 TD's.

Mr. Hart was jawing like usual, and played like he usually does, getting stupid little runs and getting up like he's some tough dude. He couldn't be more arrogant despite being so run of the mill. I don't understand how you could honestly root for such a douchebag, such a prick.

Anyways, since the game went to Michigan, I give Llllllllllllllllloyd Carr a single clap. It was great beating the crap out of you and it was nice to give OSU fans the gift of beating the team that embarassed them almost a year ago, but at the same time, why did you decide to try aggressive stuff now? Why didn't you actually try to beat OSU instead of trying not to lose? Whatever, fuck 'em both.


digger said...

Typical brainless foul-mouthed Ohio State fan. Please do us all a favor and kill yourself. If you live anywhere near Toledo, look me up at a NW Ohio Knights footbball game. #59 I would love to kick your ass.

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

Eh, sure, brainless.

I'd love to go to a minor league football game, but if I had to watch bad football, I'd just watch last 4 OSU-Michigan games,the Maize and Blue were probably still better than you will ever be.

Why so bitter? Strike a chord? Hit a little to close to home? Can't deal with reality...well, I figured that out when you mentioned you play for a minor league football team.

I assume you're a Michigan fan, and if I'm such an idiot, please steer me in the right direction. Please tell me where I was wrong. Enlighten me with tales of Michigan football glory led by the great Mike Hart.

Until then, shut the fuck up and don't post ignorant comments on your enemy's blogs unless you'll be respectful.

Typical brainless OSU fan? Try typical head-in-the-sand UM fan who thinks they are still a top 5 program. Try typical hypocrite from up North. At least when I post on mgoblog I'm respectful and not a shit-talking douchebag like yourself.

digger said...

You just proved my point, thank you. You couldn't even put your sentences together correctly. Not to mention....................nice mouth. The bad language really makes you sound intelligent. I played at other levels as well, but unfortunately, I have had just enough surgeries where this is about the only level I can compete at now. Thank God for people like me who served my country to give idiots like you the right to run your pathetic mouth on a stupid blog that I accidentally ran across. Why would you like a meteor to hit both programs stadiums and wipe their programs off the map? Do you expect every college football program to be corrupt so you can feel better about yourselves? I went to one game at the shoe, and my tires were slashed because I had a Michigan flag on my car. Wow, tons of class. That kind of stuff doesn't happen in Ann Arbor. It is just a smarter, classier program. The future is bright. Where is your degree from? Do you have one? Did you even go to Ohio State? You are so passionate for an illiterate jerk-off. Have a great day anyway. Try not to burn down the city when OSU loses again.

Hugh McSnatchercraft said...

Hey, if you served our country, then thank you, I appreciate it, you're more of a man than I'll ever be.

But that doesn't mean you can come here and be a dickhead and not expect some kind of response.

No, I didn't go to Ohio State. I went to a better school for my degree, but I am an Ohioan, and OSU is the pride of our state. I'm sorry your tires got slashed, I can assure you I didn't do it, but at the same time, Michigan fans have had a pretty nice legacy of harsh behavior towards OSU fans, so don't act all high and mighty.

As for the's called hyperbole, you should look up what that word means. Why would I want both programs gone? Let's see, bitter rivals who embody the worst aspects of the actual game and the team that embarassed us on a national stage last year. Those are a couple of good reasons to say some stupid stuff on a blog that doesn't impact anyone. How you could take this stuff seriously is beyond me, I thought the sarcasm was pretty evident.

Enjoy Rich Rod's tenure there, he sure knows how to bring in a bunch of classy guys (Pacman, Chris Henry) and he sure knows how to win big games (sorry, can't think of one). Feel free to come back if you want to discuss sports in a tasteful manner. Hell, come back when you can understand the basic principles of sarcasm and humor. Until then, feel free to troll around, just know, until you show the class that you purpotedly have, nothing you say is going to be posted here.