Sunday, January 6, 2008

Playoff Update

At first the Saturday Wild Card playoff round seemed to be off to a snooze fest. Then Todd Collins threw his first interception in 10 years. 10 years? Really? Oh yea, you need to play to throw interceptions. Thats why you are a backup Todd. You played well in recent weeks, but at 36 and not playing real football in 10 years will do that to you. 2 int's, both for TD's. This is what Jim Mora would say about that game:

I don't care who you play, a high school team, a junior college team, a college team, much less an NFL team, when you turn the ball over 2 times, both interceptions, both for touchdowns, you ain't gonna beat anyone that I just talked about. And that was a disgraceful performance in my opinion. He [Todd Collins] threw that game. He gave it away by doing that. He gave 'em the friggin game. In my opinion that sucked.

What that? It was in the playoffs? Playoffs? You're talking to me about Playoffs? Are you kiddin' me? I just hope Todd gets another shot out there to win a game.

Well thanks Jim Mora for your outstanding opinion on that game. I couldn't have said it better myself. I picked the Seahawks to win the game, but I kinda wanted to see the Redskins win the game because of all that Sean Taylor stuff, but it did get kinda annoying after a while. All that "We won by 21" stuff in the pre-game and throughout the game. Its really sad and I give nothing by my condolances and sympathies towards the Washington Redskins organization and the family of Sean Taylor. He is only 5 months older than I am and it really short of shook me up a little bit when I heard about it. However, did anyone notice that they lost by 21 points this time?

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