Monday, January 7, 2008


I'm not going to sit here and say OSU will roll and LSU doesn't stand a chance because I don't think any OSU fan will ever do that again after last year. That said, I'm not even sure OSU has much of a chance to begin with.

I like to view these things objectively. When I look at OSU's team and match it up against LSU's, it's not even close in terms of overall talent. LSU has faced a gauntlet of tough opponents. LSU has a stable of NFL bodies. LSU will have home field advantage and their fans are noisy, smart and aggressive. OSU has a defense that is great statistically, but in reality, nobody knows how good they really are. Basically, the one thing OSU has going in it's favor is Beanie Wells.

And I'm fine with all of that.

Today, I feel the same as I did before the 2003 Fiesta Bowl where OSU knocked off Miami. Miami, here's a history lesson, had NFL'ers at every position. OSU had a running back who will not be named. It was one-sided and the press seemed to feel that the Bucks were overmatched completely, and I don't blame them. 99 times out of 100, Miami wins that game going away. Same with this year, only this year, the press has tempered their approach.

OSU will win tonight, not because of talent or anything, but because we have Tressel and LSU has Les Miles. I can't remember being so unimpressed with a college coach as I am with Miles, and despite my opinion meaning jack shit, I usually am pretty accurate with these predictions. Les Miles, simply, is the worst football coach I have ever seen on television other than Larry Coker. This man has been given the top job in the middle of the richest, most fertile recruiting region known to man. Miles doesn't have to go out and look for recruits, he could stay in Louisiana and field a top 5 team every year. Then again, ignorance is bliss.

Why did Michigan want Les Miles? Was it so they could install his brutal base 4-3 defense that he never varies from? Could it be his loyalty to worse players (Matt Flynn, Jacob Hester)? Or maybe it's his great late-game play calling. I will say this, he has huge balls, but retarded people usually do.

I expect Tressel to not let his players embarass him again. I expect Les Miles to walk in cocky and sure of himself. You can't say enough about how bad OSU lost last year, but to think that happens again is ignorant. No repeat contender of any top 5 team (other than Oklahoma) would ever get embarassed again, and Tressel is no different. It'll be close to the end, and there's no way lightning strikes for the 5th time in LSU's favor.

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