Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jason Kidd Trade

-dumb Cavs fans

No, this is not a bad thing, this is NOTHING. This impacts the Cavs in no way at all and if you think it does, then you're an idiot and should read a few things about trades and the NBA personnel movement.

The Cavs, as anyone who doesn't have their head miles up their ass knows, had no chance at landing Jason Kidd, Pau Gasol, insert-tradeable-star-here. Apparantly there are more retards in Cleveland than I thought because people insist on calling into radio stations and bitching about this. To said retards...Cavs have NO tradeable assets. Would you be able to buy a car if you had no money? Nevermind, people do this, let me make a better comparison. Would your dealer give you an ounce of the most beautiful stick-icky, Northern Lights that looks like it was dipped in cocaine...for nothing? If he's a good, nay, GREAT friend (Kevin McHale and That Bitch Ainge is what I'm getting at) then yes. But otherwise? Don't think so.

What the hell could we have given in order to get Jason Kidd? Larry Hughes is not tradeable, so he can't be included in any deal. Andy can't get traded. Boobie? Sure. Sasha? No. Um...Ira Newble's expiring contract? Maybe if he was making Larry Hughes money, sure. Otherwise, nothing. And Boobie ain't goin' anywhere (which is a great thing).

Anyways, this is great for the Cavs. The West, again, is loading up with stars from the East, meaning there's less shit for LeBron to destroy. Again, I'm not worried about the Celts and would love another crack at the Pistons, but other than that? LeBron could win the East with a D-League squad.

Plus, Jason Kidd? The guy is older than Methuselah and costs more than we really want to spend. He's good, but do we want to re-do our offense? Do we want to rely on a slowing PG to go up against maybe Rajon Rondo? Jose Calderon? DEAR GOD NO.

Next year we have A TON, $30 mil worth, of expiring contracts. Every year there's some star waiting to get shipped out, and if you think we can't make one HUGE deal and one significant one with assets like that, and even assets like Andy, then you're delusional. Either that, or Danny Ferry is worse of a GM than I thought.

So, let's recap. We couldn't do it if we wanted. Next year is the good year. Jason Kidd is good this year, terrible moving forward.

If I hear one more bitch or moan about lack of a trade I'm going to do...something. I don't know. Whatever.

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