Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, it's been awhile since I've gone on a long ass rant. So I'm going to pick a few targets and go to town.


Well, the Cavs...I'm really conflicted. I honestly believe they are still the best team in the Eastern Conference, when healthy. I honestly believe that our frontcourt is among the beastliest in the NBA. But you just doesn't feel right. Something is missing, something important. Oh, right, fucking cap space.

See, this is where me and AC get into debates. He's always pining for some fuck like JJ Redick or someone else who can shoot, and yea, that'd be nice and everything but it's not on the priority list. I don't want the Cavs to mortgage the future and handicap them for the next 4 years, because lets face it, LeBron could leave. But we have 2 more years to worry about that, and this year isn't a championship year.

Dan Gilbert is all about giving Ferry the go-ahead to rise into luxury tax stratospheres, which will definitely be necessary. Gone are schmucks like Ira Newble, Damon Jones, Donyell Blunty and Eric Snow. And thank fucking God. We have Andy, Drew and Z for next year. Like it or not, we have Larry Hughes. But, really, other than that, the cupboard is bare.

There are a bunch of free agents on the market this summer, and if Ferry doesn't land one of them, LeBron is gone.

So, do I think they'll do some damage in the playoffs? Of course. I still think they're going to the Finals. LeBron is better than your team's star and that's all that matters. But the West is just unbelievably stacked, unless LeBron channels his inner Tim Donaghy, they're not winning it all this year.


I'm a fucking golf fanatic. I'm currently working my way from 'suck' to 'hit-ball-far-hit-ball-in-rough' phases and, frankly, can't get enough. Since ESPN has turned into utter shit mode over the last 2 years, my favorite channel list has dwindled from ESPN, Comedy Central, Golf Channel to basically Golf Channel. I love watching those Golf Channel Classics of Tiger's major wins and just thinking to myself, "this dude is fucking unbelievable."

He's great. He's awesome. Blah Blah Blah. But nothing is better than watching him lap a field one week, and the next come back from 5 strokes with 7 holes left to make a Large South African cry the next.

Do I think he's going to win the Grand Slam? Absofuckinglutely. Why wouldn't I? He's that much better than everyone else. He could play without a driver in the bag and still win by 4 strokes at 7,600 yard Bethpage Black. But here's the thing that pisses me off about him: he talks so little bullshit.

Yea, he made that, "I thought Poulter was number 2," comment, cute. But if I was that good, you couldn't pay me to shut up. I'd talk more shit than anyone has ever heard, and I wouldn't care. I'd just say, "beat me then." Because nobody can.


Drew Rosenhaus wants to get paid but won't be until Kellen renegotiates his contract. Simple as that.


I fucking love it.


I fucking hate him.


Oooh. On one hand, we have an uber talented QB who will definitely win OSU a national championship. On the other hand, we have a primadonna who basks in the spotlight.

Eh, fuck it, pay the kid. Give him a Maybach. Give him a private jet for his dad. Give him a palatial suite. We know OSU has the money and aren't afraid to pay some kids to play football.


I'm going to try and do a daily post again, work has just been rough lately. I don't have the luxury like I used to of just going into work and wasting the first hour going through blogs and picking something to scream, there we go.

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