Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Steroids! Steroids! Steroids!!!

I'm sick of it all. I'm sick of hearing 4 FUCKING HOURS of Mike and Mike talk about the same god damn topic. Sure, I could've stopped listening, but I didn't want to miss their 30 second snippets in between 8 straight minutes of commercials.

Anyways, this whole charade needs to stop, right now. And not just PED's. This goes much further, all the way to the problems we have as a society. In all seriousness, what the fuck is wrong with this country? This whole Mitchell shit has been one ball slapping after another, and not only does it indict our priorities as a country, it indicts our abilities as people.

Everyone who knows me knows I'm about as pro-drug as it gets. I love smoking marijuana and enjoy taking mushrooms every now and then, but I draw the line there. Why? Because my parents took the time to properly educate me about the subject. They didn't say that I couldn't smoke weed in the house or drink underage because they told me there was a right way to enjoy things and a wrong way.

If parents taught their kids the right information about PED's, this wouldn't be such a shitstorm. Steroids work FANTASTICALLY in a controlled setting, kind of like that of a professional athlete. HGH is a wonder drug. But with such great benefits, there are naturally side effects and this is where education comes in. You, as a parent should teach your children about these things so they know how to make the right choices.

But that's a different topic. What I want to know is why the fuck is Congress involved? Why are there Senators and Representatives bitching and moaning about the possible use of PED's in SPORTS? Is there really nothing else going on? Is this what we voted you in to do? There are no other problems in this country that are of greater concern than the use of PED's in a field of entertainment? I'd believe that if we weren't in some ridiculous war in the Middle East, or if our entire country didn't revolve around oil, or maybe if urban public schooling wasn't churning out an IMPRESSIVE 35% graduation rate. Those are just a few topics that I, personally, think are a little more important than if Roger Fucking Clemens did steroids.

And it wouldn't be such an outrage IF IT WEREN'T SO FUCKING OBVIOUS HE WAS USING IN THE FIRST PLACE. If ever there was a candidate for potential PED use, it has to be the pitcher who magically got better as he aged and had a string of ridiculous behavioral fuck-ups through his career. Bonds too, don't get me wrong, but Roger was just as blatant.

So let's see, we wasted a ton of money and effort in something that was obvious when we SHOULD have been working to get other shit fixed, yet we wasted a bunch of time on baseball. And baseball isn't even the real problem here. Have you seen football players? Oh yea, those guys are REAL clean. Gimme a fucking break.

The whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach even thinking about. Once, just once, I'd love for someone to say, "yea, I took 'em. They work and I could make more money. I used them under medical supervision and took the utmost care of my body and got a ton of rest and ate good foods. I took other drugs to fight the side effects and was well educated, therefore, I felt the personal risk was worth it." Plus, it's hard to say it's cheating when everyone uses.

Anyways, my point...smoke trees, they're good for you.

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