Sunday, April 13, 2008

OK, This might be the Greatest Video on Youtube

A little precursor. I'm a music major and a massive music nerd and I love crazy shit. My three biggest musical influences have been John Coltrane, Steve Vai and Keith Jarrett. For those who have no idea who Keith Jarrett is, he's one of the most gifted pianists in jazz history, seamlessly blending blues, bop and classical influences simultaneously and spontaneously. He's fucking brilliant, his ideas of harmony and melody are something I strove for when I used to actually practice being a good musician. But, one of his quirks, some find it absolutely obnoxious, is that he sings along with his melodic lines when improvising, but it's not really singing, it's more like moaning, grunting, squealing. It's interesting to say the least, I don't mind it, I've just learned to tune out the nastiness, but it's a real turnoff to a lot of people.

But this video is pure fucking genius. It's funny because it's true.

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