Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Shut Your Mouth...

You know whats really scrambling my eggs? College football analysts. Guys, I know that Ohio State and Boston College aren't the teams that you guys want to see on top of the BCS, but why is it that you guys must say that they aren't worthy of that honor for taking care of business? Lets see here, Ohio State has played Youngstown State, Akron, Washington, and Kent State out of conference. Who has your top teams played? USC lost to Stanford, and I'm sorry to the Cardinal, but losing them is no different than losing to a D1-AA squad. They are awful. Lets see who SC did beat: Idaho, Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Nebraska who was #14 at the time, and Notre Dame. That really sounds like a schedule worth a Top 5 Ranking... Give me a break. How is that any better than the Buckeyes?

We all know there are flaws in the system and perhaps a playoff system should be implemented, but I still have trouble understanding why teams are given less credit for beating the teams that they should beat. Sure, I'm an Ohio State fan, but lets try to see the big picture here guys. This is the system that is in place and contrary to what you think, your bitching isn't changing anything. If a change happens it won't be implemented immediately. These guys just don't seem to get it. There is a process and it takes time, but for now this is the way it is going to stay. Deal with it or shut your mouth.

I'm not going to sit here and preach to whoever reads this about how I have the solution for College Football. I don't have any say in the process and nor do I want any. I must be the exception here, but I can accept the format that is laid out for us and enjoy what happens throughout the season. Do I have an opinion on the matter? Yes, everyone does. But does that mean that I'm going to sit here and say that certain teams are more deserving of certain honors than others. The positions that these teams are in are the positions these teams are it. Deal with it and offer something insightful about the games are played, not what's out of the control of the teams. If you have a vote in the rankings, just submit it and don't preach to me about how stuff should be, comment to me on the way things are.

So what if you think that Ohio State making its second straight National Championship appearance in as many years will result in a beating similar to last years game versus Florida. They are still the No. 1 team in the nation and until they prove that they are unworthy of that ranking, who are you to tell them that they aren't worthy? Why is it that your opinions and thoughts should be considered above the rest? Get off your high horse.

Boston College is No. 2 in the nation, again for taking care of business. They beat Wake Forest, a team that played in the Orange Bowl in 2006. They also beat Georgia Tech, who at the time was ranked No. 15 nationally. They also should not be penalized for doing what is expected of them. They played and defeated: NC State, Notre Dame, Bowling Green, Army and UMass.

Now, had these two teams stumbled over the course of the season so far, then you might have an argument here. I fully understand that certain aspects must be considered when ranking a team, but lets not fail to realize one thing: the season is not over yet. Much can still happen throughout this year. Any one of the nation's top teams can stumble and any one of the nation's bottom tier teams can pull off the unexpected upset. I just want to sit back and watch what cards are dealt to what teams. BC has a game tomorrow night vs #8 Virginia Tech and OSU still has to play the top tier teams in the Big 10. They still have tests they must pass in Penn State, a previously ranked team, Wisconsin: a previously ranked Top 5 team, Illinois: a team that also cracked the Top 25. There is also a game versus that team from that other state to the west to consider, who was also ranked in the Top 5 in the nation entering the season. The season is not over and anything can happen as you all know. I say we just wait until the season is over to see what pieces fall into what place.

I just absolutely hate listening to analysts talk about scenarios that haven't played out. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the reason why we actually play the game? To see what scenarios pan out and what coaches and players execute where they are expected to? Maybe I'm just old school, but I really just can't keep my mouth shut anymore. Just shut your mouth and comment on something you have some knowledge on, don't just run your mouth because your pre-season predictions have not come true, leaving you to try to homer teams who have done what is expected of them to make you feel better about being totally wrong.


Jim said...

Fucking anal-ysts will always find something wrong with the ranking system. I'm tired of all their arguments because I've been hearing them for years. Even if a playoff system is enacted they'll just find something wrong with it, and continue to waste everyone's time bitching about something nobody cares about. And thats whats really burning my bacon.

The Real A.C. said...

Its all bull shit. They just don't have anything intelligent to say because all their retarded ass front runner picks blew up in their face in like 4 straight weeks of great upsets. homers...