Monday, October 1, 2007

MNF Prediction: Patriots vs. Sex Bengals

Patriots boast some pimp ass weapons. While Cincy does too, they're not nearly as pimp ass when up against the Patriots pimp ass defense. Adalius Thomas is one pimp ass linebacker. Tedy Bruschi can suck a dick. Go have another stroke, but don't die because that'd be sad. And we'd have to have the story shoved down our throats by ESPN. On second thought, just retire. Please retire, you're not good anymore. And you're annoying. Yea you do nice stuff for retards, keep on keepin' on with that and all, just don't show up on my television.

What will happen:

Tom Brady:
20/26 250 yards, 3 TD's


Randy Moss: 8 rec. 140 yards, 2 TD's

Wes Welker: 4 rec. 70 yards, 1 TD

Donte Stallworth: FUCKING NOTHING BECAUSE YOU SUCK. Yes, Donte, you suck. Nobody cares that you ran a 4.19 second 40 yard dash because you suck. Maybe if you didn't suck you'd get a pass now and then. I find it hard to believe that Randy is wide open all the time. Well, that's not true, I believe it, but you still suck.

Carson Palmer: 67/89 647 yards, 2 TD's 8 INT's

Kenny Watson: sucks

Chad Johnson: 22 rec. 332 yards, 4 fumbles

T.J. Housyourmomma, championship: whatever's left over from CJ's bullshit. 6 fumbles.

Final Score: 38-14


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Anonymous said...

Tough luck on Maroney, if you already feel like shit, don't check the smackdown talk; it just makes me feel better after a tough loss to Danny-- Danny is climbing to the top of the pack, I hope he overtakes Wilson. I like the blog fellas, I've already come back to it like 5 times, funny but smart too; a good combination. talk to ya later. Pat